Poll: What Do You Think Of The Push and Shove Cover?

15 Replies to “Poll: What Do You Think Of The Push and Shove Cover?”

  1. woa! this is the corniest, ugliest thing possible.
    i wasn’t expecting anything interesting after seeing the settle down art, but this is just embarrassing. i didn’t think it could get worse than that. don’t they have people working with them? i wonder how many people this passed through and was given the thumbs up. weird. i’m weirded out.

  2. love love love… kinda like a “less is more” approach? although its not really “less” because thats some super sick art work. this album cover is perfect!!!

  3. This is so sick!! I agree with MTV, I especially like the fact that the artwork itself is legitimate art. It turned out so amazing, I’m also a sucker for the black and white theme. Direct hit to my heart strings!

  4. I’m getting huge SoCal vibes from this….reminds me a bit of vintage Red Hot Chili Peppers. Not that that has anything to do with No Doubt.

  5. Most people are going to like it no matter what it looks like! Most fans will eat up ANYTHING No Doubt puts out!

  6. I just noticed that when u watch the SD video, at the end, at about the 5:41 mark, THERE IS A SNEEK PEEK OF THE ARTWORK!!!!!!!!!!!! First, it shows Gwen on the side of the bus, then it shows it AGAIN in the last frames of the video!!!!

  7. I think it’s ugly. I think their photos look like one of those games where you have to get a marble through a little maze. I would’ve liked it better if it was just their normal faces in black and white.

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