Poll: What Did You Think Of The “Settle Down” Video?

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Okay, No Doubters! Poll time again!

Let us know what you thought of the band’s new video for “Settle Down”! Did it blow your mind? Underwhelmed?

16 Replies to “Poll: What Did You Think Of The “Settle Down” Video?”

  1. Is it me or was there some strange product placement of L’Oreal Lip Gloss and watches?!
    Still love it though!

  2. How can 63 people be underwhelmed by it? What exactly were you expecting? LOL I loved it!! Especially them all dancing together at the end.

    They have several sounds going on, making this CUT sound so full, the drums, the hip hop at the end, the ska vibe, some jazz…SO MANY SOUNDS!
    if this single is a testament to the album….. EVERYONE BETTER HOLD THE PHUCK ON BECAUSE IT’S GOING TO BE A HELLUVA RIDE.

  4. great video, although i would have loved to see more costume changes because i love that type of theatrics, but it was still awesome despite that.

  5. you fellow no doubters are so right about the product placement i thought that was a little ridiculous. I know tons of artists do that but I didnt ever think they would have to. Oh well, Im just extremely happy that they are back, and the rest of the video is fun 🙂

  6. I loved it. So teary eyed seeing the band reunite in the beginning. Gwen rocked her beauty & fashion sense & OC roots. All the boys were so handsome. The music was pure No Doubt. It was a wonderful moment in time today for No Doubt fans. We just love them…and Gwen Stefani is such a STAR still…after all these years….she still stands out and inspires millions with her vibe!!!!! And the sounds in the song and chorus are just spot on. I had no idea they ad this gem of a song up their sleeve…and video to match!!!! Bravo No Doubt….raises all around!!!!

  7. Im kind of OVERWHELMED by the song and the video!! I think its all ND-esque but the song has so many changes and so many visuals and its hard to sing along to the first 50 times!!! The video was showing such a live performance but the song was so studio sounding. Loving it, obsessed, cant believe my ears and eyes. It still feels a little foreign to me still

  8. are they gonna come out with their own ice watches because that was totally embarrassing product placement so was the lipgloss just not as badly shoved in our faces like the watches were. shame

    epic video though really love the song too and im going to listen to it a hundred million times 🙂

  9. I thought the product placement was pretty blatant but that’s the age we live in now so I’m not upset about it (I was kind of expecting it anyway). The video was awesome though! I’m so excited to have their CD. On another topic, I’m surprised that there is some backlash concerning the outro of the song. I think it’s amazing that they are putting dub elements in their music; it reminds me of the old Steel Pulse CD’s with dub versions at the end. Sooo good.

  10. Firstly,bravo to Sophie Mueller! Her use of lighting and color never ceases to amaze and inspire me.Gwen looked beautiful with her indian/ska/punk pants and the boys rad as usual. The product placement was very distracting though.Leave the watches and lip gloss for the commercials.That aside.The song has grown on me and I love it.Cannot wait for the album release and following vids.

  11. so UNDERwhelmed,u just love it because u love them, i love no doubt and i’ve been waiting so long and they’ve been raising our expectations a lot,but the song is not good at all! dont u remember Gwen’s solo, or Sunday morning,rock steady,tragic kingdom, they were all magic
    this was so cheesy

  12. I definitely laughed out loud when Gwen pulled out the infallible lip gloss, but since she was coming from “her” world with Harajuku and solo endorsements, it kind of works. My mom saw the whole beginning as more tongue-in-cheek, which totally fits with ND. Overall, I absolutely loved the video and think the theme is totally perfect for their “comeback” single. And seriously, how badass was Gwen during the “rough-and-tough” breakdown?!

  13. I agree Kristen, that’s how I saw the lip gloss thing as well. Nobody got mad that the Harajuku girl was there or that Gwen wears LAMB all the time. Those are “products” as well.

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