Poll: What Did You Think Of “Settle Down”?

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The time has come! Tell us what you thought of the band’s new single “Settle Down”!

19 Replies to “Poll: What Did You Think Of “Settle Down”?”

  1. SICK IN LOVE WITH IT!!! Hah, this song is totally the song of my life right now. Gwenie always knows what’s up. Always easy to relate to.

  2. I’ve been following No Doubt for the past 17 years religiously and ALWAYS support ANYTHING they do, but I am soooooooooo sad to say that the song isn’t anything I’ve been waiting and anticipating since Rock Steady. I’m a die hard No Doubt fan but I’m very under stimulated and sad. The chorus is so expected with the long drawn out kind of whiney singing, it sounds like it should be on the ‘Everything in Time’ B-sides disc. But as a true No Doubter, this is a time of celebration and excitement for more to come, and of course I’ve got it on Itunes 🙂

  3. I LOOOOVVVEEE it. MY goosebumps can’t settle down!! =P

    I would like to know why the people who voted that they didn’t like it or expecting more, they felt that way.

  4. the verse sounds like gwen’s solo stuff. the chorus and the whole whiney singing drives me crazy. The 2nd webisode gave hopes for the old pre-RS sound.

  5. You are nuts if you don’t like this song. Listen to it a few times and give it a chance! I LOVE IT!!! Totally different from anything they’ve done IMO. And it was SIX MINUTES long! That was a pleasant surprise! I’m sure it’ll be edited for radio though. I also had no idea the intro to the song was what was in the preview videos as this site said it wasn’t apart of the song.

    The last time I looked it was #15 on iTunes and climbing! Word of mouth is working!

  6. I’ve been a ND fan for 15 years and I’ve been waiting forever just like all the other fans out there. Not gonna lie, the more I listened to it the more I fell inlove with it. I think it’s a great song for summer and her lyrics are still sharp. If you use good headphones there are soooo many different sounds, it’s fuckin awesome. Give it a chance.

  7. The day has finally arrived! !!!! Yessss!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE A CRAZY WICKED DANCE FEST LIVE!!!! CANT WAIT!!!!AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    X) Marilyn

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