Poll: What Did You Think Of “Push and Shove”?

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Make sure to listen to the stream here!

13 Replies to “Poll: What Did You Think Of “Push and Shove”?”

  1. This is pretty sad. Gwen does not even sound like her in the beginning. Maybe the worst song of their career. It’s way too much and it sounds not natural…

  2. I am surprise that so many people dislike Push and Shove! I LOVE P&S and I can’t wait to hear it in high quality and album version!

  3. Why is this album so overly produced, where’s the pure sound that is no doubt? So far I’m disappointed. I loved the webisode of this song but the overly synthesized version makes me wonder if I’m listening to no doubt or some kid playing around with his synthesizer. Technology can sometimes be a bad thing, taking a good song and turning it in to a club house dj remix. Stop with the synthesizers please, just go with what you have.

  4. I like it a lot. I think a lot of fans have a pretty negative reaction regarding No Doubt’s more pop leanings. I find it to be a blast of a song, epic, catchy, fun, danceable, modern…all you’d expect from No Doubt in 2012

  5. I like what I have heard. I am at work and only go to hear up to the bridge, and not really with the most clarity. I’ll have to listen again when I’m home and can crank up the volume. I like it a lot. I wonder if a remixed version might speed up the chorus a bit. I think the tempo of the chorus would be better fitted as a bridge. That doesn’t mean it’s bad though! I like that this song and “Settle Down” are so diverse. I have always loved the diversity in each ND album, so having that all in one album will be pretty cool!

    I’m really looking forward to hearing “One More Summer” !!

  6. Unfortunately, being a huge ND fan since I was like 6, I have to agree with Andy; so far I am not over the moon with Settle Down or Push and Shove. It’s not bad, but it’s not good either, and I know it will grow on me in a day or so, but it’s completely over produced. This record sounds like Gwen’s solo work part II. Whereas, everyone has the right to their own opinions, and musicians do evolve, I just cannot believe I’ve waited 11 years for this, only to be let down my two songs in a row.

  7. Spike Stent is the WORST. This track could’ve been epic. It’s a great song, but the mixing is just amateur. He just gets progressively worse. I heard it on the radio, much better quality than the stream, and it didn’t sound that much better. The guitars are almost inaudible, and the bass totally dominated Adrian’s drums, which sound fantastic, but were packed so tightly with everything else and then buried beneath the synths that they don’t pack the punch they should.

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