Poll: The Best Single That Never Was?

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So today’s poll is pretty interesting and debatable: which was the best single that never was? We determined the following songs due to their popularity with fans and classic tracks that always (for the most part) are brought back on tours more than others. Both “One More Summer” and “Easy” have been included (since they ranked high on your picks of top tracks from Push and Shove in a previous poll). If you feel strongly about another song that isn’t included below, please write in your vote! Thank you for taking the time to participate and we’re curious to see which track comes out on top!

28 Replies to “Poll: The Best Single That Never Was?”

  1. Fun poll! I always thought Don’t Let Me Down should have been a single instead of Running. Not that I don’t love Running too.

    I think Easy would have been a good single off of P&S.

    I was never that crazy about Excuse Me Mr as a single (not that I don’t like the song). I think I would have substituted EIOT or Happy Now instead.

  2. I had both “Too Late” and “Making Out” originally in the post but chose others due to them being performed more by the band. Please write in your vote though if it’s not listed! It counts!

  3. I would have added “You’re So Foxy” but given that it wasn’t even on one of the main albums I don’t even think it was ever close to being a single. So I chose “Magic’s in the Makeup”. Such a beautiful song.

  4. This poll is a bit uhhhh not fair, plus Happy Now was not really a single all though it kinda was but I mean they didn’t push it at all and there’s not even a video for it, maybe a live one if I remember. the only way this could be fair is to add all of the other songs….HA! I’d have to say Making Out should of been one, I bet it’d of done better than Hella Good or Running.

  5. I’m honestly extremely surprised over how many fans love Different People. That’s one song they could never perform again and I would be totally ok with it.

    I always thought a lot of these songs would have made great singles. But I went with Dont Let Me Down – one of my all time favorites from them.

  6. I’d go with “Happy Now?”. One of my favorite songs of all time. But out of the ones mentioned in the list, I think Don’t Let Me Down would’ve made a great single!

  7. Dont Let Me Down is a let down though live.

    I chose Magics in the Makeup. -Album version is hot. Live version is emotional.

  8. Making out and Staring problem!!! I think it would’ve been easier to choose if you broke it down by album/era. Only because all these songs are awesome and they all deserve to be heard live and on the radio. I hope they change it up for the summer tour. I appreciate all their music and hard work.

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