Poll: “Settle Down” vs. “Push and Shove” Video

For today’s fun poll, we’re curious which of the two Push and Shove videos was your favorite: “Settle Down” or the title track?

Though the band only released two videos from the album, they couldn’t be any more different from each other but somehow showcased and kept the fun-loving vibe No Doubt has always had.

“Settle Down” follows the band on a meet-up to what looks like the best, super colorful, outdoor party ever and brought the band together visually after a long hiatus with a big hug. “Push and Shove” is a low-key, black-and-white video that follows the band just hanging out in New York, visiting local dive bars and rocking out together in a private plane (and of course everyone loves seeing Gwen being uber-glamorous and cool in front of the camera). So which one is your favorite? Thanks for voting!

“Settle Down”


“Push and Shove”

19 Replies to “Poll: “Settle Down” vs. “Push and Shove” Video”

  1. I wonder if the P&S era will always be a sore subject among fans. The whole thing was handled so, so badly. But I digress….I like both videos and songs equally.

  2. The “Settle Down” video was pretty cool but the L’Oreal plug was so lame. The “P&S” video was just meh. For all of the inspiration that the band talked about during that era everything seems pretty uninspired.

  3. push and shove ist better as song, but i like more the settle down video… and yes, this album was a big disappointment 🙁

  4. P&S is such a strong song, it would’ve deserved a better video. Something really wild and colourful. I like their little “low budget” video, but it’s not really a great music video. Actually this whole “Whoa let’s get drunk in London and mess up the streets” thing feels a little awkward for a fortysomething band.

    The SD video is cool, but kinda repetitive. Apart from the nice intro with ND coming together from all these different places, there really isn’t much happening in that video except for coountless shots of Gwen dancing in that truck. It’s hard for me to really see the inspiration behind both videos honestly. Like everything about this era, bot videos look half-assed.

    1. yeahyeahyeah Push and Shove wasn’t filmed in the UK. I know the visuals are very British but it was filmed on the streets of New York and in a Canadian-themed bar called Ontario.

  5. Yeahyeahyeah, I totally agree. I love push and shove and thought the video was a total disappointment. It was just thrown together with little to no thought behind it. After seeing the video once or twice I never saw it again so I can at least keep my own visualization alive.
    Settle down was OK, it was great to see No Doubt together again in a video but I disliked the product placement and Gwen looked oddly botoxed and almost spooky in some of the shots. I hope ND will return and redeem themselves with a new album, but I might be overly optimistic .. 🙁

  6. I think that it was a very brave move to release SD as a first single. I think the PS video was just for fans, not a serious thing, like, a quick something visual to aid the awesome sound. I think if the PS song and the SD video budget were used for the first single, this era coulda gone very different. I also think the LH video was very cheaply made, and of course, not well received (something about hyper-sensitive Eskimos or something) , so I think that was the nail in the coffin. I feel like this was a low, lower than RoS (but at least RoS was an amazing album, whereas PS was less than I expected). I really think they are a cool group of talent people and I really have hope they will release a new album– not for the public, but something amazing for fans, and the fans will promote the hell out of it until the general public loves it too. It’s not the age of being pop stars for them, it’s the age of being musicians…

  7. Anthony, I think a lot of what you said is true, but sadly ND aren’t really musicians anymore. They don’t jam anymore, they don’t just hang out messing around with some melodies until a song comes out of it. All they do is walking into the studio for a few hours a week to write “hits”. Their lives are so dominated by schedules these days that they just don’t have the time to let the creativity flow. P&S is a solid album, but every song was so overthought, so stuffed with all these details and effects… it wasn’t really something created by musicians, it was something created by a producer. Yes, P&S is a very cohesive album, but only because Spike Stent managed to put all those messy pieces together that were created separately with so much time in between.

  8. @YYY – I’ve never thought about Spike that way before, but that actually makes a lot of sense. I used to think he was part of the P&S problem, but maybe he did a great job considering the circumstances. And I agree about the musicians part. That whole “hits” mentality is really hindering them. And if they want massive hits they should hire hitmakers. I still don’t believe the “we have kids now so our schedules are SO hectic” excuse either. Gavin seems to always be touring, writing, recording, ect. and I’m sure he’s just as busy as Gwen is with their kids. But that’s just my opinion.

  9. @Simon I think Gwen is more ahnds-on with the kids, you don’t really see that many Gavin-alone pics with the kids. I think she wants the traditional role of mommy, not the more modern version of equal parenting. @YYY I think that when you listen to any of the old ND albums, even RS, you hear that they are a fun band, with great talent. I agree with what you said in regards to the PS era, however, I do think they learned a lesson from it, and maybe they see that all that meticulous effort for hits doesn’t produce hits. Maybe they will just make an album to make themselves happy, which will make the fans happy. We’ve been with them during so many highs, let’s stick with them during a low. Do well, YYY, and doubt not.

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