Poll: How Did You Feel About No Doubt Performing “The Sweet Escape”?

So there has been tons of responses to No Doubt’s group performance last night of “The Sweet Escape”, and we’re curious as to what you thought about it. Personally, we thought it amazing (and totally unexpected!) to see, but we can understand how some fans would be upset. Tell us what you think!

7 Replies to “Poll: How Did You Feel About No Doubt Performing “The Sweet Escape”?”

  1. I really thought it was cute and sweet. It’s obvious that the boys really support their girl!

  2. I wouldn’t mind if they threw in TSE or Cool during the next ND tour because those sound the closest to ND’s style, but I draw the line at Hollaback Girl LOL

  3. I loved it. Seriously, the people complaining are assine! They band always has supported each other in every endeavor they have ever made, regardless. It was rad to hear Sweet Escape live again and adorable to see the guys rocking out to it! You can never made everyone happy and I guess that is true for our favorite band! BUT, they come pretty darn close!

  4. I agree. They can play her songs all day long as far as I am concerned. Just no more Gwen solo! ND Forever

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