Poll: Help Us Choose The Winner Of Our Single Cover Design Contest; CLOSED


Poll is now closed and the winner has been picked! Thank you all for voting and the winner will be announced soon!

Help! I was going through all of the designs the last couple days, and it was sooo hard to pick one winner, so we’ve decided to ask for your opinions! Please help us choose a winner for our single cover contest! You may vote once (to keep it fair!) for your favorite design, and it was hard to pick these ones! Thank you to everyone who took the time to create, design and submit designs for our contest! If I could afford it, everyone would win, seriously, all of them were awesome! You can check out HQs of the designs and see the other 60 designs over at our gallery! Congrats to all who made the vote and the poll will remain open until next Friday, September 9 till midnight! Good luck to everyone and thank you to participating in the poll! The new contest will be announced soon!

8 Replies to “Poll: Help Us Choose The Winner Of Our Single Cover Design Contest; CLOSED”

  1. Wowowow! They are all amazing! I voted number 8, but I’ve got a feeling the final results will be close: I can imagine all of these as genuine covers.

  2. i feel like mine has been left out but whatever! i thought you guys had better taste alot of these dont even make sense i understand you could have used any picture but i made my rules strict like using pictures from this era AND NOT JUST GWEN STEFANI PHOTOS i used photoshop to not paint and i did not steal anyones concept like number 2. its only 25 bucks but i just thought id let you know what was on my mind. i personally will not be using this site anylonger maybe im over reacting but who cares alot of other people should have been on here!!!

    1. Anon, I am very sorry that you feel that way. I had no intentions of hurting anyone’s feelings, and I mentioned in the post that it was really hard even picking 10. I don’t think it’s very fair picking on other’s people’s designs, they were all wonderful. If you have any questions about the contest, please contact me personally, thank you. I am really sorry as well if you decide to stop visiting us as well, we didn’t mean any harm with this contest, we thought it was fun and we really appreciate everyone’s time that went into it.

  3. Anon, you fail. Why would you restrict yourself when the contest didn’t force you to? Whatever.

    Anyway, these designs are great! And not being a part of this site because you didn’t make the final round sounds like a personal problem. (Actually, the saying from Gwen’s t-shirt from the recent Bush concert might be more applicable than “personal problem.”)

    This site is fun, and very unique. So if you want to go whine and pout, go for it. There are plenty of ND fans who love it here. Try not to ruin it for everybody by bringing other fans’ artwork down.

  4. I like them all, but I won’t select one with just Gwen. It’s NO DOUBT guys, not just Gwen LOL They are all very nice though! 😀

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