Poll: Favorite Video From Rock Steady?

For today’s fun poll, we’re curious which video from the Rock Steady album that fans loved the most. In our past fan favorite survey, you picked “Running” as No Doubt’s best video ever, but the four videos released during the era (“Hey Baby”, “Hella Good”, “Underneath It All” and “Running”) were so different and great in their own ways so we wanted to ask again.

“Hey Baby” is just so much fun. It told exaggerated stories behind the making of Rock Steady and brought them to life: parties on the tour bus, hanging out in dancehalls and just having a great time with each other. “Hella Good” featured the band as rock-hard squatters holding tight in a ship and jet skiing in Long Beach. They all looked so damn cool and the black-and-white look made it even better.

“Underneath It All” tells a beautiful story of Gwen revealing more and more of herself over different scenes in the video. Not only is she stripping the glam look away but taking away her makeup and became more vulnerable. In the end, we see a sweet, fresh faced Gwen who is as stunning as ever and it’s great to see her let loose. The video also features an amazing 3-D reggae tinged breakdown with the band riding together on bikes to Lady Saw’s delivery in the middle of the song.

“Running” was the last single released from the Rock Steady album and the band chose to put out a trip down memory lane showcasing rare photos from the band’s career and put them with b-reel looking footage of the band having fun on the beach. It was a great way to end the era and set up a nice transition after a huge time for the band and not to mention a special treat for fans. To see where the band had gone and come from over the last 15 years at the time is pretty surreal to watch.

So which video is your favorite? Thanks for voting!

“Hey Baby”

“Hella Good”

“Underneath It All”



8 Replies to “Poll: Favorite Video From Rock Steady?”

    1. I agree! “Hella Good” and “Ex-Girlfriend” are probably my top two. “Running” is amazing too — I’m a sucker for the flashbacks.

  1. That’s such a tough choice! I really think all of them are just great. Really, this era had amazing videos. I chose HB, but I really love all of them. The UIA video is so amazing too.

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