Poll: Favorite Unreleased Old School Song?

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In honor of today’s 26th anniversary of No Doubt’s first live show, we wanted to post a fun poll asking what fans favorite old school unreleased live song was. We’re pretty lucky to have heard most of these gems, either live or in demo form, and there are tons! We realize some may be missing but let us know which was one is your favorite and please feel free to write in your choice if not listed (No Doubt originals only, no covers). Which one should No Doubt re-record and release? Or tease us with in an upcoming set? We’ve provided some videos of most of the tracks for fans to rediscover or listen to for the first time. Thanks for voting!


“Bouncin’ Shoes”

“Best In You (Bring It All Out)”

“Dear John”

“El Matador”

“Get a Life (You Owe Me)”

“Getting Started”

“Going with the Grain”

“Groovin’ Time (All The Time)”

“Hide N’ Seek”



“No Doubt”




“Road of My Life”

“Show Off”

“Soundquake” (second video is the fast version)

“What’s Cookin’?/He’s a Cleaner”

“Where’s Your Lovin’?”

10 Replies to “Poll: Favorite Unreleased Old School Song?”

  1. I knew which one would win without looking at any of the options. I win! They should totally record this for their new album, but that’s too good of an idea for it to happen. Why try to write new songs when you have unreleased gems like this? I so want to cover this song but trying to figure our how to play it was a bitch.

  2. I didn’t include “My Room Is Still Clean” because it was released as a B-side on the “Squeal” single. I would die if they ever recorded it though!

  3. this is sooooo hard. i love love love:
    El Matador
    No Doubt
    Where’s your love
    Everything’s Wrong
    You can’t teach an old dog new tricks
    Up Yours

    i don’t understand why a studio version can’t be recorde 🙂 that would be amazing!!!

  4. LOL this list is so long that the votes are spread pretty thin. I love so many of their unreleased…but currently I’ve been jamming to “where’s your loving”

    yeahhhhooooooo where is your loving!

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