Poll: Favorite Rock Steady Single?


For today’s fun poll, we want to know what your favorite single from Rock Steady was. Rock Steady was such a fun album and pulled so many sounds of the band which definitely reflected in the single choices. From dancehall to electric funk-rock to reggae to a keyboard-heavy ballad. Again, more amazing music videos came out of this era including a trip down memory land that still lands as the best video to some fans. Which was one your favorite?

4 thoughts on “Poll: Favorite Rock Steady Single?

  1. This is hard. It’s a tie between Hella Good and UIA. Both are excellent singles. I also love Hey Baby. I just think that Running is a weaker single.

  2. I think “Running” is a very weak single. “making Out” or “Dont let me down” should have for sure been singles before “Running”

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