Poll: Favorite Return of Saturn Video?

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For today’s fun poll, we want to know what video from the Return of Saturn album was your favorite. Most fans can agree that this era turned out some of the band’s best videos — from the gorgeous visuals and story telling to Gwen’s flawless makeup and pink hair to seeing Adrian in drag. Tell us which one you prefer most! Thanks for voting!

8 Replies to “Poll: Favorite Return of Saturn Video?”

  1. It’s a tie between New and Bathwater. I love New because Gwen’s style was so awesome in it and Bathwater because of the playful dancing….and Adrian. Just put a camera on the man and let him do his thing! Love him.

  2. New is my favorite song AND my favorite video. And it was the first thing after TK, so it meant a lot to me as well.

  3. New is my all time favorite No Doubt video so naturally it will be New 🙂 although SKOL is such an amazing video.

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