Poll: Favorite No Doubt Lead Single?

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In a new featured poll, we want to know what was the band’s best lead single from an album release.

We’ve also included where their singles peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (if available) and music videos. We’ve excluded “New” from the poll due to it being released originally to promote the movie Go and included “It’s My Life” because it was released for The Singles release. And though both “Trapped In A Box” and “Squeal” were not promoted by their label, we’ve decided to include them as well.

Thanks for voting!

No Doubt, “Trapped In A Box” (Billboard Hot 100 chart peak: N/A)

The Beacon Street Collection, “Squeal” (Billboard Hot 100 chart peak: N/A)

Tragic Kingdom, “Just a Girl” (Billboard Hot 100 chart peak: #23)

Return of Saturn, “Ex-Girlfriend” (Billboard Hot 100 chart peak: N/A; #11 Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles)

Rock Steady, “Hey Baby” (Billboard Hot 100 chart peak: #5)

The Singles 1992-2003, “It’s My Life” (Billboard Hot 100 chart peak: #10)

Push and Shove, “Settle Down” (Billboard Hot 100 chart peak: #34)

13 Replies to “Poll: Favorite No Doubt Lead Single?”

  1. Its My Life peaked at #10 on the hot 100. I am going for Just a Girl because that song just kicks ass and will always be a favourite.

  2. I became a fan sometime after Don’t Speak came out, so I miss all the other debut songs… but I was there for Ex-Girlfriend, I watched the Making of the Video, and I voted by calling the radio stations (although, most times I could only get in touch with the local high school’s radio show…

    Such an exciting time for me, and I was thrilled when it came out. Although, New was technically released first– it was released off the Go soundtrack…

    1. “Ex-Girlfriend” was my vote for the same reasoning! I became a fan in late 1996 so leading up to Return of Saturn was a really exciting time and I fell head-over-heels for this band.

  3. i think that the song “just a girl” represents well Gwen Stefani, better than the others songs. It’s only my opinion.

  4. as a matter of fact, i didnt know that “squeal was a lead single oh my gosh that song is quite good.. i will definitely vote for it! FTW

  5. Maybe some of you don’t remember but the expectation for exgf was HUGE world wide and when that video came out it was a slap in everyone’s face, gwen and her iconic pink hair, the guys were looking GREAT and everything was just too cool to handle. of course I was 15 and it felt like a big deal to me…

    On the other hand, I felt totally the opposite when hey baby was released…

  6. Its my life was the song that got me to really notice No Doubt, Got the singles album and i was hooked, i brought all their albums and fell deeply in love.

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