Poll: Favorite No Doubt Album Artwork?

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For one of the year’s final polls, we’re curious which No Doubt album cover artwork is your favorite?

Each album’s artwork is unique and spectacular and really captures each of the band’s work released. We’re asking not for you to judge the album’s quality, but the album’s artwork only! For this one, we excluded both The Singles and Everything In Time from the poll due to their similarities and wanting to keep it just to the full releases.

Thank you for voting and we hope you’ve enjoyed the fan favorite polls this year!

12 Replies to “Poll: Favorite No Doubt Album Artwork?”

    1. I’m the same way. I’ve always been sucker for The Beacon Street Collection (obviously) but I’m still obsessed with Gwen’s collages on the inside. So good!

  1. I have to say that after all the hype around the El Mac cover art, the rest of the P&S artwork was rather basic and slightly underwhelming. The cover is still great, but I guess judging from the whole artwork, I’d have to decide between TK and RS.

  2. RoS! I also love the Bathwater single cover… I just hope there was bathing suits involved… But I think it’s the same tub in the back of the album cover.

  3. I actually LOVE the P&S artwork. The booklet is really nice with gorgeous pics and the bookpak is so precious.
    The only thing I didn’t like was the art cover for the Settle Down single.

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