Poll: Favorite Live No Doubt Era?

We want to know! In honor of the band’s 25th live gig anniversary today, tell us what your favorite live era from the band is!

7 thoughts on “Poll: Favorite Live No Doubt Era?

  1. Rock Steady was soooooooo amazing. But the 2009 summer tour I went to like 7 shows and got into some amazing seats and her abs her abs OMG HER ABS!!

  2. The “pre-tragic kingdom tour” was actually called “The Open The Gate Up Tour.” I know I have a picture of the flyer somewhere. I’ll have to dig it up!

  3. Definitely TK. That’s when I became a fan, Gwen had the best style, great songs, great shows, etc.

    Although the 2009 Summer tour was pretty f-ing amazing too. The show I went to was the smallest one on their tour so it felt much more intimate! Great time.

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