Poll: Favorite Blondie Cover From No Doubt?


For today’s fun poll, we’re curious which of the band’s Blondie covers was your favorite: “One Way Or Another” or “Call Me”?

No Doubt covered “One Way Or Another” back in the early days and comes across as one of the band’s most rocking covers (not to mention Tom’s killer guitar solo!) The near perfect cover of “One Way Or Another” is rare amongst fans and would be amazing to see back in the band’s setlist.

No Doubt also covered Blondie’s “Call Me” during the Rock Steady tour, most notably with fellow opening acts The Distillers and Garbage. The band’s take on it is pretty stellar and arguably one of their best covers.

Which one is your favorite? Thanks for voting!

“One Way Or Another”


“Call Me”


  1. lamb says:

    wow i love both of those songs, but didnt know that gwen covered, those ,,, so far “one way or another” is not good.

  2. ceci says:

    Love so much the cover of “call me” by no doubt feat shirley manson!

  3. NDLOVER says:

    Both are great! I wish we had a better quality audio of “One Way Or Another” though. I liked their take on it, more guitar rock which is cool.
    “Call Me” is a little bit poppier, but catchier.


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