Poll: “Ex-Girlfriend” Original or Released?

For today’s poll, we’re curious if you prefer the original and unreleased stripped down version of “Ex-Girlfriend” that was teased by the band or the sassy bass driven version that was domestically released on Return of Saturn.

Both versions are incredible but give two totally different takes on the song. Gwen once referred to the original slower version as “another bummer No Doubt song” but features an amazing breakdown with lyrics not in the final version (“You’ll find a girl that’ll make you great / A girl more like you”) and the phrasing that comes across is magic.

The final version that was released was inspired by Tricky and Gwen brought nothing but attitude and freshness to the table. “Ex-Girlfriend” is classic No Doubt and is one of their best songs to rock out to. But the original is so good, too — which one do you prefer? Thanks for voting!


16 Replies to “Poll: “Ex-Girlfriend” Original or Released?”

  1. i love the acoustic slowed up original version, but i like the album version the best because gwen takes charge of the situation rather than remaining melodically passive. its very powerful and in your face, with the title ex-girlfriend it needs that punch in its sound.

  2. I loooooove the original version so much. I think it fits more the song into a emotional side, while the album’s version is more like “revolted”.

  3. To be honest over both I prefer the Philip Steir remix that came on the Hey Baby single… Considering Ex Girlfriend was written to be an upbeat song, it has so much more energy…

  4. never heard this original. how did i miss this? its interesting to know that the song originally came from a solemn place. BUT, those vocals….ouch.

  5. I love when she says that, Robin! Like in that KROQ performance, that was my fave “jealous!!!” scream.

  6. I had never heard the original until now, but I really like it! I don’t prefer one over the other- they are like two completely different songs! Each has a totally different mood/feel to it and I love both takes on the song 🙂 It’s interesting to see how different a song with the same or similar lyrics can be just by changing the melody, speed, tone, etc.!

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