Poll: “Everything In Time” L.A. or London?

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For today’s fun poll, we’re asking you which version of No Doubt’s song “Everything In Time” is your favorite — Los Angeles or London? The band released both takes of the song on their B-sides and rarities collection under the same name, Everything In Time, in 2003. While Los Angeles gives the track a more rockier feel (written for Return of Saturn) and the London version is more simple and raw, giving it a sadder sound which also features Madness’s Mike Barson on the piano.

The Los Angeles version came first and is documented as one of Gwen’s first attempts to write again with brother Eric after him leaving the band in 1994. The song came almost instantaneously but sadly didn’t make the cut for Return of Saturn, with “Too Late” taking it’s place on the album. No Doubt has since said that this song “was a hard one to let go.”

During the Rock Steady writing sessions in London, Gwen and album producers went back to the song and worked out a slower, laid-back version of the song. But again, while Rock Steady was starting to take shape, the song again was placed aside since it didn’t fit in with the rest of the material.

So which version of the song is your favorite?

“Everything In Time” (Los Angeles)


“Everything In Time” (London)

15 Replies to “Poll: “Everything In Time” L.A. or London?”

  1. Both! Even though the London version feels better because it’s more optimistic, LA holds a special place in my heart. Shame they never performed it live. Seriously, they’ve got so many amazing songs and sadly they’ll never be performed live. They should do a non-singles tour.

  2. Neither. I’ve never liked this song in any version tbh :/ I think the lyrics are really bad and musically both versions “feel” unfinished. It’s kinda funny they named the compilation after it, because I’ve always thought it would be much better without that song.

    1. “Everything In Time” isn’t one of my favorite ND songs either but I’m glad the song saw the light of day somehow. I do like the Los Angeles version better, too, cause I can hear the ROS vibe in it.

  3. I never connected with this song either and I can see why they abandoned it twice. Still, I’m glad they released them anyway. I do like the LA version slightly more.

  4. i love this song so much, one of my fav no doubt songs. it’s so emotional and beautiful. love both versions, but i prefer the LA version.

  5. I love the LA one. I actually got to hear it live when they performed it at The Mint secret show. it was beautiful. too bad there isn’t audio from that show, that I know of! I’d love to hear that whole show again. between that, the song Gwen wrote with warren from the vandals and suspension without suspense with Jill.. ahh such a beautiful show!

    1. I’ve heard so much about that Mint show and it’s a shame that none of it exists really. It would have been surreal if the band somehow captured it and released it.

      1. No Doubt (I think just Gwen, Tom and Gabe?) put on a very special and intimate performance at The Mint back in 2000. I heard that they placed some rare songs acoustically including “Everything In Time” and “I Throw My Toys Around” (which is actually on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgaUG7y69w0). Gwen’s sister Jill also performed “Suspension Without Suspense” with Gwen if I’m not mistaken. Basically it would have been every No Doubters dream come true to see that show. I wish I knew more details and that the show was available.

  6. Surprised to see how some fans never connected with this song. There was a time I totally related to its lyrics and maybe that’s why it become one of my faves. Of course people relate to songs for different reasons. The lyrics are so beautiful. “Coincidence or fate / Running towards what is meant to be” is probably one of the best Gwen lines. Love the parallel structure with “catastrophe”, in the London version.

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