P!nk on working with Tony Kanal

Taken from P!nk’s official site, she talks about how she loved working with Tony on her upcoming songs “Sober” and “Funhouse.”

The title track itself is a funky rocker with the fists-in-the-air refrain of “This used to be our funhouse/But now it’s full of evil clowns/It’s time to start the countdown/I’m gonna burn it down.” “It’s about when the box you’re in doesn’t fit anymore, burn that fucker down and start a new one,” says P!nk. “This was the first song I did with Tony Kanal of No Doubt and his writing partner Jimmy Harry. I fell in love with working with them. We wrote fun fucking songs together. We did ‘Funhouse’ and ‘Sober.’”

P!nk stepped out of her comfort zone in the recording of Funhouse by working away from her usual stomping grounds of Los Angeles and New York for the first time.

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