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No Doubt hit the stage tonight live in Las Vegas, Nevada kicking off Rock in Rio USA festival around midnight. The band headlined the first night of Rock Weekend and rocked the stage for over an hour. We’re super thankful that No Doubt’s set streamed live in full courtesy of Yahoo and we were able to capture the show for everyone to enjoy.

The band did an amazing job, sounded tight and were full of energy throughout the show. We’re loving No Doubt’s current setlist including an electric version of “Sparkle” and they treated fans to acoustic takes on “Magic’s In The Makeup” and to the stellar slower version of “Excuse Me Mr.” “Push and Shove” was notably absent from the set but possibly might have been cut due to time.


(Click here to download HQ audio from the show courtesy of Sebastian)

“Settle Down”


“Magic’s In The Makeup” (acoustic)

“Excuse Me Mr.” (acoustic)

“End It On This”


Rock in Rio USA 2015
5/8/2015 — Las Vegas, Nevada — MGM Resorts Festival Grounds
Hella Good / It’s My Life / Underneath It All All / Settle Down / Ex-Girlfriend / Hey Baby / Sparkle / New / Simple Kind of Life (acoustic) / Magic’s In The Makeup (acoustic) / Excuse Me Mr. (acoustic) / Sunday Morning / Bathwater / End It On This / Don’t Speak / Just a Girl // Spiderwebs

Check out photos from backstage and onstage that the band has been sharing tonight from Las Vegas! Click here to see more photos from the show.

Here we come – are you ready #RockInRioUSA?

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Less than one hour…

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@tonykanal & @tomdumontnd can't wait to see everyone at #RockInRioUSA tonight!

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@adrianyoungnd getting ready for #RockInRioUSA.

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@gabrialmcnair doing vocal warm ups. #RockInRioUSA

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@baxterbeezy getting ready to hit the stage at #RockInRioUSA. Photo: @ashley_photo

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#RockInRioUSA Photo: @ashley_photo

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Photos courtesy of Getty and LA Times.

48 Replies to “Photos/Videos: Rock In Rio USA – Rock Weekend Day 1 (Updated)”

  1. The best concert in years!!! Sparkle was amazing!!! a little bit sad couse they cut Push and Shove, but in general they leave me “a good taste in my mouth”. No Doubt you`re UNIQUE

  2. Amazingly good gig! I got up at the crack of dawn to see the live stream and it was so worth it. ND were full of energy, and talented as ever. Loving Gwen’s mAd lib’in’ as well. Good work guys 🙂

  3. WOW I’M AMAZED! THEY ROCKED!!!!!!! BEST SHOW IN YEARS! THEY SOUNDED THE BEST, GWEN’S VOICE WAS AMAAAAAZING. I wish I was there, I hope they come to Rock In Rio BR someday soon! They played my favourites. Someone has to rip off that acoustic of Excuse Me Mr!

  4. I couldnt get the live stream to work in the UK, so cannot wait to see the video once uploaded. Set list looks amazing!


  6. Thank you so much for the video! it was an amazing show!! 😀 Gwen looks more conected with the rest of the band and more energetic than on the last two shows, the set-list was amazing too, but I don’t like this slow version of Excuse me Mr 🙁 I hope one day they play the old version again

  7. Gwen was so into it this time. Full of power and energy. And confident. I had goosebumps during excuse me mr.


  8. Can we talk how beautiful that stripped down version of Simple Kind of Life was? Omg I teared up a little.

  9. Wow you guys are getting me so excited to watch this. 🙂 Was on holiday so haven’t had the chance yet.
    CAMU Gwen has said before she dislikes performing Excuse me Mr sometimes because it is such a fast song and she gets out of breath. I do think she sounds better on the slow version.

  10. Awesome show…love the slowed down version of excuse me Mr…I hope they do the acoustic version of ex girlfriend again someday too!

  11. This show was amazing. Bad that she forgot the lyrics to EIOT, though. I wish they had time to perform P&S, but I understand Spiderwebs is a perfect song to close a show.

  12. That hair style again? Boring. Danilo needs to up the ante. I don’t like this outfit, but it’s cool that she’s changing her costume for every show.

    Hmmm…It was good, but I didn’t think it was as super amazing as everyone else. Definitely a lot of tech problems and forgotten lyrics…but, stuff happens. I like that the swear words are back…along with her attitude. The highlights for me were New, EIOT, MITM and surprisingly Don’t Speak. I haven’t seen her put that much emotion into DS in a long time. I wonder if there was something behind it? I’m not a big fan of EMM, but the police-esque version is cool. Jenny, please post an mp3 or separate video of it!

    I love how much fun the guys are having together – on and off stage. The smile on Adrian’s face is contagious! And Tom doing the running man during HB was adorable!

  13. There’s a HD video floating around. Worth watching it. I hope someone can post an mp3 of Sparkle.

  14. Just finished watching It. Felt like 97 all over again for me. I actually shed tears oj joy. The energy was there (finally!!!) and it was amazing. Feeling jelaous for the people that were there. They played their best rendition of SD, the song finally felt real live. Sparkle was pure perfection. Even EIOT, with the lyrics missing, its my favorite, sobI’m always happy wheb I hear it live. I really hope those concerts get them wanting to go back to work, one can hope, right? As for Gwen, I agree with Amanda, time to move on from that hair style lady!!

  15. What I like about Excuse Me Mr. is its energy and speed, but that version actually sounded great! Goose bumps 😀

  16. SO SO SO GOOD! I love they voted for Happy Now or EIOT. One of the best renditions of Bathwater– with silence in the “so i pacify problems..” and at 1:00:42 she has a cute little growl in her singing. So good.

  17. @paul. I actually thought the same. There was a fire there that hasn’t been in a while. Hard to tell if it’s anger frustration or confidence. Whatever it is, it was quite palpable.

  18. I’m so lucky to have been in the front row, although the stage lights were in my eyes and the stage was to high, it was amazing. Watching this video confirms the intense emotion that was going on.

  19. “Sparkle” is truely amazing live. I’m so glad they finally performed it that way. This song was such a wasted chance imho. It may not sound like an obvious “hit”, but I’m sure it could’ve brought ND back on the radio. It’s not that much different from UIA…

  20. OH!!!
    Watching Gwen like this makes me so HAPPY,
    They were all amazing but Gwen was something else!

    (I wish they played Push and Shove but anyway..!)

  21. OOOHHH! I fell in love with the band again. Their latest performances didn’t make me feel anything, and now THIS!? wow! Excuse me mr. and magic’s in the makeup were mesmerizing. <3

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