Photos/Videos: Night 2 of KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas


No Doubt just wrapped up an incredible live set for KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas which was packed with hits and high energy and we couldn’t be any more proud of them! They did their hometown proud and the station was so happy to welcome them back. Check out photos and video from their performance below. Set list is also available and we have to say, we’re loving some of the new arrangements. We love you, No Doubt!

Hella Good / Ex-Girlfriend / Sunday Morning / Underneath It All / Just a Girl / Simple Kind of Life / It’s My Life / Push and Shove / Bathwater / New / Don’t Speak / Spiderwebs (Get Well, Bono)

Photos: Performance / Backstage















No Doubt is back and is scheduled to hit the stage live for KROQ’s 25th annual Almost Acoustic Christmas happening at The Forum in Inglewood, California. Fans can tune into the live web stream to watch the show in it’s entirety starting at 10:05 PM PST on We’ll share news, photos, videos and updates from tonight’s event and encourage everyone to tune in to see the band rock the KROQ stage again!

Photos courtesy of Getty. Video courtesy of KROQ and Everything In Time.

Only two hours until we take the stage at #KROQXMAS25.

A photo posted by No Doubt (@nodoubt) on

@gwenstefani, @tonykanal & @adrianyoungnd watching #TearsForFears at #KROQXMAS25.

A photo posted by No Doubt (@nodoubt) on

Thanks for an incredible night at #KROQXMAS25!

A photo posted by No Doubt (@nodoubt) on

What a night #KROQXMAS25 photo: @shearerphoto

A photo posted by Tony Kanal (@tonykanal) on

Happy holidays #KROQXMAS25 photo: @shearerphoto

A photo posted by Tony Kanal (@tonykanal) on

Yes it's my new @gj2guitars and @marcjacobsintl boots. I got all fancy-pants last night at the #kroqxmas25

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Aaaand a close up of my shtuff. @marcjacobsintl #seasonsgreetings

A photo posted by tom dumont (@tomdumontnd) on

Seth, Meeks & Me from last night! #kroqxmas25 @shiftyscrazytown @thingsweheartofficial #familia @nodoubt

A photo posted by tom dumont (@tomdumontnd) on

Another highlight of #KROQXMAS25 : hanging with @realnickswardson after the show!

A photo posted by Tony Kanal (@tonykanal) on

So much fun last night. Thank you everyone! #KROQXMAS25 photo: @ashley_photo

A photo posted by Tony Kanal (@tonykanal) on

Lemme get some🎺😜

A photo posted by Stephen Bradley (@baxterbeezy) on

Feelin it!!

A photo posted by Stephen Bradley (@baxterbeezy) on

Me with scrunchie face and @tonykanal with smile. photo by @shearerphoto #kroqxmas25 @theforum @nodoubt @kroq

A photo posted by tom dumont (@tomdumontnd) on

❤️my trusty Hamer Korina Standard from the old days. @shearerphoto

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25 Replies to “Photos/Videos: Night 2 of KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas”

  1. Great show! Glad they did a longer setlist and were able to play ROS tracks. But did anyone else notice gwen messed up the words to “its my life”? haha

  2. They’re not.gonna go on a world tour with no … lol Gwen said recently she would rather not tour …With kids in school and stuff …plus Gwen hasn’t even came out with her new solo cd yet … a no doubt tour is a nice thought … but a reality? I doubt it highly. They did amazing tonight though!

  3. Gwen did get out of sync on Simple Kind Of Life haha, that’s what happens when the band rehearses separately… But it was anyway amazing to see them play again.

  4. Wow! They really did such an amazing job. When No Doubt was doing live shows right after Push & Shove came out, Gwen didn’t seem as inspired. Her voice didn’t seem as strong and I felt like a lot of their performances weren’t as energetic as before. But lately? Her voice is killing it and she’s tearing up the stage and getting the crowd rallied up like we’re used to!

    Not to knock them in 2012. I just think Gwen is in a happier place in life right now. She seems really excited about all of the opportunities she has and is making the most of them. It’s so cool to see her releasing solo music (and performing it at shows) and at the same time doing No Doubt shows. This is a great era!

  5. Nice selection of songs but that’s exactly my only complain. I see that the P&S album will continue to be neglected like the ROS album. In this case is even worse cause they never played most songs live. It’s so frustrating! 🙁
    P&S is now considered the black sheep in their discography.

  6. They went out there and killed it. Gwen sounded amazing. She delivered some of her best live vocals with No Doubt. Her voice is getting better and better with age, I was hugely impressed. If anything it seemed the rest of the band was having a hard time keeping up with her energy. The selection of songs was great. I’m excited for them to release new material, I feel like all this energy is building toward a huge album. I know they have more hits in them, it’s just a matter of getting back to a place of honesty I think.

  7. Is it just me or Stephen Bradly overdramatises wayyy too much during P&S? It kind of rubs me the wrong way.
    Great show anyway. I know this show was last minute but Gwen should rehearse more to not forget the lyrics, especially on IML.

  8. I’m glad they are not playing P&S songs, at least they know that album is terrible!
    More RoS and at least one BSC song will make me really happy!

  9. Wow, I’m shocked that they skipped Hey Baby.

    Gwen’s hair made me laugh. Cute. And Adrian’s hair shaved on one side… He kills me LOL Love him. I love Tony’s throwback shirt.

    Bradley doesn’t get much opportunity to be center stage so I appreciate his energy. I always loved watching Gabe and him in the background during the TK tour when they were on the same side of the stage. They put on their own show!!

    The band was clearly having so much fun and I thought the crowd was great.

  10. Stephen doing Busy Signal’s part in P&S is always a little… I don’t know… I don’t think it manages it really well. They should just perform the song without Busy Signal’s part. It’s not like the song really needs it. Just add a longer horn section/guitar solo instead.

  11. Kroq completely trashed Hey Baby the whole week it came out. They would play snips of it and mock it and have callers talk trash, it was sad! So the station started playing Don’t Let me Down instead. Also when the station played P&S they played it without busy signals part.

  12. it was such a fun show.. Wish the crowd seemed more excited i was in the pit and people around me seemed uninterested. or tired from being there since 4 pm lol

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