Photos/Videos: New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (Updated)


No Doubt hit the stage this evening for a headlining set at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival tonight! We’ll try to have the setlist, photos and videos up from the show once they become available. The band treated and incorporated some fan-favorites into the setlist including “Happy Now?”, “Magic’s In The Makeup” and “Sparkle”. No Doubt also performed a couple of rad instrumental interludes with their cover of “Guns of Navarone” and a special tribute to the city, “Second Line (Joe Avery’s Blues)”.

Check out photos from the show courtesy of and Instagram users! Click here to see more photos.

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (Jazz Fest)
5/1/2015 — New Orleans, Louisiana — Fair Grounds Race Course
Hella Good / It’s My Life / Underneath It All All / Settle Down / Ex-Girlfriend / Hey Baby / Sparkle / New / Simple Kind of Life (acoustic) / Magic’s In The Makeup (acoustic) / Excuse Me Mr. (acoustic) / Sunday Morning / Second Line (Joe Avery’s Blues) / Bathwater / Happy Now? / Don’t Speak / Just a Girl // Guns of Navarone / Push and Shove / Spiderwebs

TV alert! AXS TV will be airing 20 minutes of No Doubt’s set from Jazzfest last night starting at 9:15 PM ET, 6:15 PM PT TONIGHT (May 2)! For more information and to see if it’s airing near you, click here.

“Hella Good” / “Underneath It All” / “New” / “Sunday Morning”
(AXS TV broadcast courtesy of Greener Pastures)

“Hella Good”

“Settle Down” / “Ex-Girlfriend” / “Hey Baby”

“Simple Kind of Life” (acoustic)

“Second Line (Joe Avery’s Blues)”

“Don’t Speak”

“Just a Girl”


#jazzfest 2015 wow police escort 👏👏👏👏#rad gx

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Jazzfest in NOLA was off the charts!

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So much fun #JazzFest

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The incredible #GwenStefani of #NoDoubt at #jazzfest2015 #nola #frontrow #bucketlist

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Girl theme today. Gwen Stefani. #nodoubt #jazzfest2015 #nola

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Only the coolest prettiest jazz fest singer ever #nodoubt#gwen❤️💚💙💛#loveheroutfit

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#fbf oh wait, this is right now. #nodoubt #istillloveyou

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#crushing #nodoubt #nola #gwen #jazzfest

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#nodoubt #gwenstafini #jazzfest

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#NoDoubt #GwenStefani #rock #ska #killer

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Who doesn't love #NoDoubt and #GwenStefani? #Anonygo from #JazzFest2015 in #NewOrleans!

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#gwenstefani #nodoubt #nola #jazzfest #jazzfestival2015 #cantbelieveit

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#myluckyday #gwenstefani #jazzfest2015 #nodoubt

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Another "best seat in the house" moment! @NoDoubt #jazzfest #neworleans #makeup #GwenStefani #nodoubt 💄💕

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#NoDoubt #gwenstefani #jazzfest2015 #acuralive

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#NoDoubt #jazzfest2015 #acuralive

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#nodoubt I had the best time in #nola at #jazzfest @nodoubt

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#nodoubt #nola #jazzfest2015

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I love him = Nola u were of the chart beautiful thank u for your l💓ve Gx

A photo posted by Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) on

19 Replies to “Photos/Videos: New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (Updated)”

  1. Is it just me or does it seem like Gwen isn’t performing with the usual amount of energy that she has? Looking at the highlight reels from these 2 festivals seems a little forced. I could definitely be wrong here. Maybe the “highlights” aren’t showing their best parts.

  2. It’s interesting you mention that Misty. I’ve noticed she’s more into using hand gestures now instead of jumping or working the stage. Oh well, she can’t be 25 forever.

    That outfit is a mess, but she’s still cute. Her voice sounds great! Good setlist too! Can’t wait for more videos!

  3. Maybe she’s more concerned with her voice and sounding great instead of jumping all the time. I think her outfit was a hot mess. I loved it!

  4. Awesome set list!! I love it when she wears stuff like that for ND, Ieave the ‘chic’ look for solo and social events:)

  5. “The band, which is on a brief tour of spring and early-fall festivals, is expected to release a new project this year or next.” OMG the media sucks.

  6. looks like they put on a great show, and she sounds good. Outfit is wacky but I love it, throwback to the old days! Sad I missed it… I usually go to jazzfest and couldn’t make it this year, so bummed!

  7. I actually agree with Misty. I was so excited for the last two performances but they were definitely not exactly what I was expecting. I think their performance at the Acoustic Christmas was awesome, but somehow it seems like her energy has definitely decreased quite significantly. Maybe she’s just tired. Also, like Amanda said, she can’t be 25 forever.

  8. The band looked and sounded great! They were having fun. I <3 Gwen's eclectic hot mess outfit. It rocked!!! Go No Doubt!

  9. ND Lover, It’s not that her energy isn’t enough. I think she’s a hell of a performer. I was just commenting that she is usually more bouncy and I hope everything is ok. I wondered if it was a lack of enthusiasm for No Doubt or if she was sick maybe… whatever it is, I just noticed that it didn’t seem like her. Sure she isn’t 25 but just earlier this year she was going nuts in a full solo concert of her own with her usual amount of energy. These last 2 festivals just didn’t seem like she was her bouncy self. =/

  10. It’s from Star Wars.

    That crowd kinda sucked….even with the songs they knew.

    I was hoping someone would record Sparkle… 🙁

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