Photos/Videos: Live at Jazz Aspen Snowmass

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No Doubt hit the stage tonight in Aspen, Colorado for the 25th annual Jazz Aspen Snowmass festival. The band arrived onstage around 7:30PM MT and shared photos backstage with reggae legend Jimmy Cliff prior to their set.

The band performed a set similar to their previous festival shows this summer including an acoustic portion featuring “Magic’s The Makeup”, Tragic Kingdom fan-favorite “Happy Now?” and their rad cover of “Guns of Navarone”. We’ve been told it was a very emotional show and Gwen played around with some of the lyrics during the night.

We’ll try to have more photos and videos up shortly from Aspen for everyone to check out. Enjoy!


9/5/2015 – Aspen, Colorado (Jazz Aspen Snowmass)
Hella Good / It’s My Life / Underneath It All / Settle Down / Ex-Girfriend / Hey Baby / Sparkle / New / Simple Kind of Life (acoustic) / Magic’s In The Makeup (acoustic) / Excuse Me Mr. (acoustic) / Sunday Morning / Bathwater / Happy Now? / Don’t Speak / Just a Girl // Guns of Navarone / Push and Shove / Spiderwebs


“Underneath It All”


“Hey Baby”



“Simple Kind of Life” (acoustic)

“Excuse Me Mr.” (acoustic)

“Sunday Morning”


“Happy Now?”

“Don’t Speak”

“Just a Girl”

“Guns of Navarone”

“Push and Shove”


Final Bows

Thank you so much to Bodhi and Mitchell for sending in their clips from the show!


@gwenstefani #JAS25 Photo: @ashley_photo

A photo posted by No Doubt (@nodoubt) on

@gwenstefani #JAS25 Photo: @ashley_photo

A photo posted by No Doubt (@nodoubt) on

#Regram @tonykanal Thank you Aspen #JAS25 | photo: @ashley_photo

A photo posted by No Doubt (@nodoubt) on

Last night was awesome #jazzaspensnowmass | photo: @ashley_photo

A photo posted by Tony Kanal (@tonykanal) on

Height #jazzaspensnowmass | photo: @ashley_photo

A photo posted by Tony Kanal (@tonykanal) on

Feeling the vibes #jazzaspensnowmass | photo: @ashley_photo

A photo posted by Tony Kanal (@tonykanal) on

Listen up!!!😜

A photo posted by Stephen Bradley (@sbradleymusic) on

Thin air=more air!!!!!😜😋😎😉

A photo posted by Stephen Bradley (@sbradleymusic) on

Still thinking bout u guys #lastnightwasamazing gx

A photo posted by Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) on

@nodoubt @jazzaspen last night

A photo posted by tom dumont (@tomdumontnd) on

#nodoubt #jassexperience #aspensnowmass #aspenlife #concert #cool

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#gwenstefani #nodoubt #concert #aspenlife #aspensnowmass #colorful #colorado

A photo posted by Antonia Alexandra (@alezanth) on

No Doubt killin it at Jazz Aspen Snowmass! #nodoubt #gwenstefani #jas25 #simplyperfect @patron #lastweeksalbum

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#NoDoubt is crushing #Aspen right now! #aspenjazzfest #jasaspensnowmassexperience #gwenstefani

A photo posted by Josh Lowe (@jlowe1013) on

This is how we rock!!!🎶🎶🎉🎉😋😜#NoDoubt #jazzaspensnowmass

A photo posted by Stephen Bradley (@sbradleymusic) on

No Doubt! #PrimeraFila #labordayweekend #ImJustAGirl

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Just reading aspen news #nobig gx

A photo posted by Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) on

46 Replies to “Photos/Videos: Live at Jazz Aspen Snowmass”

    1. During “Simple Kind of Life” she sang that she “used to have a simple kind of life” and at the end of “Happy Now?” she sang “I’m by myself, I’ve got no one else”.

        1. My friend Bodhi was at the show and told me about “SKOL”. He also sent me the clip from “Happy Now?” which hopefully I can share soon.

  1. @ndlover check Underneath It All vid.

    Loving this setlist! It’s great for festival tour and for the fan too!

    PS. Tom rocking a new gray blue GJ2’s Hellhound and Gibson’s Izzy Hale Explorer is also awesome. loving the new color scheme.

  2. She didn’t changed the lyrics she just sang it differently… She seems more experimental these days… Someone sparked her fire cuz she’s more energetic than usual

  3. YYY she’s been doing Lady Saws part since the 2009 tour. I hope she never stops, I love it.

    The setlist is what I expected. I wish there was more detail on what she changed or what was emotional. Too bad this wasn’t streamed 🙁

  4. Its Gwen on Gameface’s song… she also did Time after time with them. But this is kind of old news… I had those songs in mp3 forever. They were recorded before TK came out.

  5. It baffles me why they don’t do One More Summer. Especially being Labor Day weekend. All I can figure is those are the only 3 songs they like from that album. It’s a shame!

    I really like Gwen’s outfit! It’s pretty rare for her to wear blue jeans for a ND show 😉

  6. I wish they would add DTSD to their setlist, but its a bit slow so no wonder why its not on there. The show looked great

  7. I love her outfit so much, she looks so cool (but that’s not an unusual occurrence). I’m always disappointed when the concerts are not streamed. I hope someone recorded at least some of it.

  8. Such a fun performance of UIA. Gwen looks and sounds great! She sounds a little winded at parts, which is only fair– I’m from Colorado and the altitude in Aspen is rouhg! I can only imagine how hard it is to go straight there from sea level and try to breathe while jumping around and singing 😉

    1. I think with the bands personal lifes that a lot of raw emotion came out last night. Gwen was very raw and changed lyrics to match how she is feeling. It was an extremely emotional night.

  9. Come on… She changed the lyrics in UIA because she was out of breath… Lol. (She’s always tired and out of breath in that part…)

  10. the height got Gwen out of breath in a lot of song. even Gabe struggled on the trombone in Guns of Navarone too. but anyway they still rocking hard!! loving all the vid so far.

  11. Thanks for all the video additions Jenny and Bodhi! They sounded great! Guns of Navarone looked like so much fun! I really wish they had done a full-on festival/fair tour this year and not only these scattered shows. Gaaah! I want to see them again!

  12. Simple kind of life made me cry :'(
    I love Gwen’s outfit too!! 🙂 and it seems it was a great show!
    Thank you for the videos!

  13. Poor Tom, telling everyone that he missed a couple notes on Don’t Speak. There’s never gonna be a perfect show and their still great.

  14. I hope someone got a full video of SKoL. I almost started crying when she sang “you seem like you’d be a good dad.” I can’t imagine how emotional it is to perform some of these songs right now.

  15. Any news on whether the Happy Now? clip can be shared yet? I’d love to see it, one of my favourite songs and I really want to see Gwen’s lyric change!

      1. Thanks Jenny! That part makes me sad aswell, there must be a lot of emotions with the anniversary being so close on top of everything else, but she seems to be handling it all well (ish). 🙂

  16. That clip of happy now is gut wrenching. Would have loved to have seen all of SKOL since it’s my favorite. Thanks for posting!

  17. I”m sure Gwen got about 75% of here tears out long before the show, but she is still going to be emotional when she’s alone. I feel bad for her, but it will pass. And who knows, they may get back together sometime in the future.

  18. I just watched the end of Happy Now. As she ad libs the lyrics to “Im by myself”, it looks to me like as if she smiles as she sings the lyric, and her eyes look bright. I interpret it as her being triumphant about what she has gone through in her personal life. All by yourself, doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Gwen has spent most of her life in serious relationships, maybe she is glad to be alone. Plus she isn’t really alone, she has her family and her boys.

  19. I thought the same – I’m not getting the gut-wrench… if anything, she seemed even more upbeat in this show than usual… Girl is definitely a pro.

  20. That is very true, it only made me sad because the whole divorce is saddening, but I think Gwen is happier now so I am happier for her!

  21. Aww pretty emotional but she seems to be very strong! It gives me the shivers how she changed the lyrics on Happy Now?

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