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No Doubt hit the stage this afternoon in Washington D.C. for a memorable performance on the lawn of the National Mall for over 350,000 fans for Global Citizen Earth Day. The band treated fans and had the honor of playing a short set including some of their biggest hits for the impactful event.


Just a Girl / Underneath It All / Hella Good / Hey Baby / It’s My Life / Push and Shove / Sunday Morning // Don’t Speak / Spiderwebs

Although Gwen sounded like she wasn’t feeling well, the band pulled off a stellar performance (in the day time!) No Doubt seemed to have a great time playing this afternoon and we couldn’t be any more proud of them for involving themselves with Global Citizen and their calls to action. Enjoy!

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No Doubt took to their social networks to share special moments from behind-the-scenes!

Signing some posters before we hit the stage at #GlobalCitizenEarthDay. Photo: @ashley_photo

A photo posted by No Doubt (@nodoubt) on

@baxterbeezy getting ready. Photo: @ashley_photo

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Here we go!!! #GlobalCitizenEarthDay Photo: @ashley_photo

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#NoDoubt Photo: @ashley_photo

A photo posted by No Doubt (@nodoubt) on

#GlobalCitizenEarthDay Photo: @ashley_photo

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Thanks everyone @glblctzn #globalcitizenearthday @nodoubt

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A photo posted by Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) on

@tonykanal @tomdumontnd @nodoubt #earthday gx

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Bye bye Washington, D.C. U were amazing filled my heart back up w #luv #bless Gx

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#friends ️gx

A photo posted by Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) on

#Regram @hughcevans
#GlobalCitizenEarthDay #GlobalCitizen ⭕️

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Backstage yesterday with my fan club #GlobalCitizenEarthDay

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55 Replies to “Photos/Videos: Global Citizen Earth Day Performance”

  1. Amazing photos! It’s so cool to see them all together. 🙂 They definitely need to get back to work and record another album. <3

  2. Just noticed how most headlines are about Gwen Stefani performing last night. Some articles don’t even mention No Doubt at all. That’s shocking!

  3. Does this really surprise/shock you? In the eyes of the general public ND haven’t done anything in ages… Considering how short the P&S “era” was, most people didn’t even notive they were actually back and had new music out. LH was never anywhere on the radio. Gwen on the other hand is back on the map thanks to The Voice.

  4. ^ That’s not the point. It not about being gone or not. It’s just bad journalism. If you’re talking about an event and a specific artist make sure to call things by its name. For instance they refer to Fall Out Boy and not Patrick Stump.

  5. The journalists know exactly what they are doing. Gwen is the star. It’s been Gwen Stefani with No Doubt for nearly 20 years. Now it seems that the media doesn’t even add “with No Doubt” anymore.

  6. ^ LOL yeah they don’t even bother. It’s basically the same when she went to the Tonight Show and performed a medlely of her solo hits. The Roots were playing for her. No Doubt is just a backup band these days, sadly. That’s how the media and the public sees them anyway.

  7. I agree that it’s weird and a little sad, but it’s basically Gwen’s/ND’s own fault. If ND were still somehow relevant, I’m sure the journalists would at least mention their name. But ND have been nearly invisible since IML while Gwen still has all her solo projects. Headlines have to be interesting and they have to catch the reader’s attention. “Gwen Stefani” just works better these days than “No Doubt”.

    You can’t compare Fall Out Boy to ND. Patrick Stump isn’t a solo star like Gwen and FOB actually have a new album out and are still relevant.

  8. Changing subject, it’s such a shame they didn’t promote P&S (the song) as it should be during the P&S era. They never performed it in any TV show. It’s so obvious the song had so much potential. It has somehow become a staple song played at every show. It’s like the new Total Hate.
    Anyway I feel like the could throw One More Summer or even Sparkle into the setlist just to mix up things a little. Also it wouldn’t hurt to play songs such as MITM and Happy Now? once in a while instead of playing several singles from TK and RS albums.


  10. I thought this was the most amazing way she’s looked in a long time, I mean she obviously always looks good but this was just straight back to the iconic Gwen image. Brilliant. I actually didn’t notice she was a bit under the weather too, she sounded great to me!

  11. She was sick??? You couldn’t tell at all!! I thought she fucking killed it! And her outfit was on fucking point!!

  12. She has been singing since her solo rehearsals. She has recorded plenty of songs. I don’t think she needs more practice as some people said. I think there was some problem with the mixing. Sometimes I could only hear the backing track. I’m sure that it sounded way better live. The show was spot on. Even IML and P&S sounded amazing.

  13. Okay so after watching it I totally get why she seemed under the weather, but can that happen more often??? Her raspy voice is seriously sexy!! 😃

  14. Can I be honest? The public in general might appreciate this specific setlist. My friend who’s not into No Doubt watched the concert and said he really enjoyed it. He said they still got it and are so energetic. He applauded when Gwen went in the crowd. He said she was crazy for risking it lol.

  15. Thoughts on the full show:
    -I think it’s the first time I saw Gwen lip syncing with ND (she lipped the first chorus of push and shove)
    -It’s My Life really needs to be dropped. It doesn’t do anything for them live and it’s a cover. A great substitute for all these upcoming festivals would be a good upbeat summer song like Don’t Let Me Down or Making Out or something from Push and Shove like Undercover or Heaven.
    -I didn’t really think Gwen voice was that off. I thought she still sounded good and I think it’s more so a lack of vocal practice. She definitely needs to practice doing Push and Shove more. But she still looks great and can connect with the audience effectively!

    1. LISA, you’re flying. There’s no way she lipped synced at all. There was a point you could hear the backing track, but that was a technical problem.

  16. I thought it was great! I had expected Gwen’s voice to be off from yesterday’s commenters, but it just sounded like she had a cold or bad allergies or something. Didn’t sound like lack of practice to me. With Push and Shove, she was singing to a backup track and it seemed like the sound mixing just wasn’t quite right.

    Overall I enjoyed watching it and am happy to see them performing!

  17. I know that we are tired of ND performing IML, but for a change I thought this was their best performance yet. It was on point. Same for P&S. Great performance. I just wish there audio was better. I’m almost sure it sounded way better live.

  18. I just don’t understand why they ignore P&S except for the title track. I understand how the vocals on RoS might be “awkward” for Gwen to sing these days and I understand that they might not really connect with their first two albums anymore these days since so much time has passed… but I seriously don’t understand why they ignore an album they released only two years ago after they worked on it for ages. Yeah, it wasn’t commercially successful, but so what? “Undercover”, “Heaven”, “Easy” and “One More Summer” would be great additions to their “hits” setlist and these songs would be so much better for Gwen’s new voice. Why can’t they just add one or maybe two P&S album tracks to their setlist for every show and finally retire IML? At least they could show people that they have more than 10 songs…

  19. I agree. It’s awkward for a band like them to keep playing a cover like it was their own song. I understand it was a hit, but c’mon it’s not their song and it should represent only a moment in time (2003, 2009 hello!?) . They should give space to more songs. And it’s time to let go Hey Baby, Spiderwebs and Sunday Morning. They could easily add MITM, Happy Now? and One More Summer or even Sparkle to their setlist. It’s not that difficult. I swear, after their next concert I won’t stop caring too much.

  20. I also find it sad that Push and Shove wasn’t promoted better as a single. I think it is a dynamite track, so dynamic, eclectic and unique. It certainly deserved a better video too! 🙁

    We should do an online petition among No Doubt fans about a revamped setlist, next time ND have a performance coming up we can tell them what the fans really want to hear! I remember in the RoS era No Doubt did a poll where they asked fans what song they would like to hear live. It turned out to be Comforting Lie, of which they then did a terrific acoustic version.

  21. I disagree that they should be playing fan favorites at these festivals. Bands playing at festivals usually play their big hits, that’s the norm, because most of the people watching aren’t serious fans, they just know the hits. It’s usually more fun for the audience to watch the hits, because the crowd knows the songs.

    I’d love to hear them perform other songs, but most of the crowd won’t know those songs and won’t enjoy it as much.

  22. @NDlover whether it wasn’t meant to be lip sync or not gwen was not singing the first chorus perhaps due to technical issues. All you could hear were steve and gabe and the backing track. And rose marie, Hey Baby was a big hit and peaked at #5 on the charts and still gets airplay on the radio…I think a lot of people are familiar with it.

  23. ^ I think Hey Baby was a bigger hit than Sunday Morning though. Was SM even a hit? I think SM was a highlight though. But they could easily drop HB and IML. At this point no one cares about that cover. I’m not being harsh at all. Time to move on. IML is so last decade.

  24. What I’m happiest about is she changed that annoying hair do she’s been wearing for the last few years, the hair from the baby don’t lie cover single. She looked like the iconic Gwen with this performance!

  25. Lisa totally on point! NDLover they performed push and shove on kimmel! But yes not a great effort of promoting that song.

  26. I loved Gwen’s hair at this show. I was not feeling the severe knot look she has been rocking. I haven’t watched the show yet. Looking forward to it when I have some time. Any curse words in it? I want to watch with my 3 year old. Not excited about the setlist, but glad the band is still playing big shows and having a blast.

  27. she sounded great! i love the whole video. wanted to drive down from boston but didn’t want to go so far and end up way in the back

  28. I think ND need a new song for these festivals. It doesn’t have to be a “single”, but maybe something like “Stand & Deliver”? Just something new for this summer “tour” would be nice. It doesn’t have to be a cover, but of course a cover would probably be the easiest way for them to have a new song. Didn’t they consider covering Depeche Mode’s “Question of lust” instead of IML? Maybe they should just do it now. Just for fun.

  29. ^ The narrowed it down to IML and INXS’ “Don’t Change”, but “Question of Lust” was also a close contender (according to TS’ booklet).

  30. I wish they had recorded “Don’t Change” too!! Its one of my favourite songs. I cant really imagine them doing “question of lust though”

  31. Well maybe Hey Baby just isn’t a hit with me then lol. I also noticed Gwen started the last chorus a bar early during this performance which sounded strange.
    I definitely think a ‘new’ song (cover) would make things more exciting and it would make No Doubt seem more fresh instead of just playing their old singles all the time. I actually really like their take in Stand and Deliver!

  32. A cover is fine I guess, but they have almost an entire album that they haven’t played yet. Plus most everyone wants them to drop IML *because* it’s a cover, so why would you want another cover??

    Yes, HB was a hit at the time, but it’s not a memorable one. Not like UIA, IML or DS are. Those are the three hits I hear the most (and quite often actually).

  33. It’s quite funny reading the comments regarding its my life. I started to think the same last year when they performed it. I just don’t think that track has much magic to it live. Which is hard to say because no doubt have so much magic in their songs especially when played live. But against HELLA good, don’t speak, new , Sunday morning , ect it just falls a little flat.

    Ok so enough is enough I think we really need to be petitioning for new NODOUBT music.

  34. This should be their setlist for festivals and this kind of events. It’s not that hard to change the setlist from one show to another by changing only one song and add a non-single.

    Just A Girl
    Sunday Morning or Spiderwebs or Happy Now? or End It On This or Different People
    Don’t Speak
    Magic’s In the Makeup
    New or Bathwater
    Hella Good
    Underneath It All
    Push and Shove
    One More Summer
    Sparkle or Looking Hot

  35. That would be great Jake, but Gwen can’t even finish a solo album that’s mostly written for her, so how do you expect a ND record to come together? LOL 😉

  36. I think we’re putting way more thought and energy into their setlists than they are… and I’m not sure why we bother. You know it’s going to be the same singles list as it’s been for the last 12 years. And they won’t ever drop IML because it’s their last hit song…which is sad. Sorry I’m so moody, but I guess the 10% left in me that was hopeful has dropped to 5%.

  37. IMO, we need to be petitioning for a NEW SETLIST! It don’t have to be a dramatic change as everybody says… WE NEED a DIFFERENT setlist.

  38. Wow I’m shocked that some of y’all don’t want ND to perform IML anymore.. its a classic, even if it is a cover its one of the band’s biggest hits to date.. they won’t stop performing it anytime soon. Also, why would the band play lesser known songs at shows like this? It’s not a tour show, many people wouldn’t be as interested in the songs if they played things like MITM etc.. because they wouldn’t know them as well?

  39. Well my dream set list would be:

    Where’s your lovin’?
    Big Distraction
    End it on This
    Up yours
    Under Construction
    Everything in time
    Let’s get back

    Ahh maybe they’ll do it.. When hell freezes over lol.

    Seriously Jenny, do you think we could have a poll on here where you can vote for songs you want to hear live and then compile a set list based on the tracks that got the most votes? That would be awesome!

  40. The fact that she messed up the lyrics in Sunday Morning kinda proves she wasn’t lip syncing. (She sang, “I’m looking like I used to” instead of “you’re looking like I used to”.

    Also, I’ve always hated It’s My Life.
    I agree they should drop it.
    But as Gwen said as they started it, they, or at least she, loves that song.

    I’m on the setlist voting business. I get that for festivals they will do singles, that makes sense. But when they get back to touring as No Doubt they should switch it up. Do a real tour for the fans. (I’d even like to see them do some of p&s) Please set this up. (if we could push for a club tour instead of an arena tour…. That’d be cool too.)

  41. btw, DC was the first time the boyfriend saw them live, he’s officially a No Doubter.
    Its pretty cool.

  42. They did have the recorded P&S playing behind the live P&S but to me Gwen seemed really off she seems like she just doesn’t care anymore…

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