Photos: Tony Vacationing For His Birthday; Mentions Album Release March 2012

Thanks to Russian artist Glukoza for sharing on her personal Facebook (and Yaroslav for posting on ours!), it looks like she was lucky enough to meet up with Tony while he was vacationing (we heard somewhere in Mexico) for his birthday. So, pretty interesting, but she mentions that Tony revealed to her that the album is set to release in March of 2012. So, here is what we think about it…

It doesn’t really match up to what the band has been saying to us the last couple months (and kind of goes against reports saying it should be pretty close to being done with mixing and recording), BUT this does correspond with the rumors going around that the album was being pushed back to a Spring release due to things at Interscope. It does seem legit, but of course it’s not official, so I wouldn’t take it to heart just quite yet. We haven’t heard any news from the band in about a month, so now with Fashion Week coming up in less than two weeks hopefully we get some updates soon! It does look like Tony had a great vacation, and we’ve heard from a little bird that the Kanal clan is back home. He was spotted singing karaoke to Depeche Mode!

Yesterday celebrated the birth of the Tony))) he showed us a new album, No Doubt. Promise to release in March! I sooooo like))))

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  1. I want to apologize for the last comment. I was sorry to have to wait another 6 months if it’s true. But I understand and everything has its time. And i know it will be worth it!

  2. Lo spero….perchè muoio davvero dalla voglia di vedere esplodere un video dei ND su tutti i canali televisivi musicali!

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