Photos: Super Rare Vintage Flyers

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Wow! Our good friend Rosemarie just sent us in a few super, super rare flyers from the late ’80s and ’90s of shows No Doubt played at in Southern California, most notably Fenders Ballroom in Long Beach. The Mod Expo flyer is pretty special since it was snagged right before it was shut down.

These flyers were sent into her by a close friend whom was really into the local ska scene back in the day and are from their personal collection. How incredible to have a piece of history like that! Both The Key and The Question were popular bands that No Doubt opened for quite frequently when they first started out.

You can also check out more rare flyers in the gallery.

One Reply to “Photos: Super Rare Vintage Flyers”

  1. The Mod Expo flyer is super rare indeed—but Fender’s never burned down, it was shut down in 1989 due to complaints from the surrounding neighbors. Scooterville USA, however, did succumb to a major fire. Thanks for sharing!

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