Photos: Sneak Peek at the “Push and Shove” Video

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Check out a couple of screen caps from the newly released teaser clip for the upcoming “Push and Shove” music video!

Parts were filmed in a bar while the band was in Brooklyn (the portion where Gwen’s hair is down) and the other half on-board a private jet while the band was flying back home to Los Angeles from Minnesota.

This black and white, in-your-face video looks killer! We’re assuming it was directed by Sophie Muller and Tom revealed last week that a final cut is done. There still is no annoucment on when and where it will be released, since “Looking Hot” has now been officially confirmed as the second single.

2 Replies to “Photos: Sneak Peek at the “Push and Shove” Video”

  1. Well I hope that they do put enough effort into making this an unforgettable video because the song is so incredible!! Let’s hope it does the song justice!

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