Photos: Rare Tour Poster Paintings By Merkley???

While just searching on Google today, I came across some wicked paintings that friend and photographer of the band, Merkley??? (he also shot the bonus footage on the Rock Steady Live DVD), that he did for posters for the Tragic Kingdom (also used on the Live in LA EP) and Return of Saturn tour. They are amazing, and he also brought up some cool stories about the paintings and the band. He also states that the posters were not used for the Return of Saturn tour due to poor ticket sales and they posters were apparently too expensive to reproduce. Pretty interesting and neat to see! We are kinda bummed to hear about how poorly the tour did though (well we are still bummed that Seattle didn’t get a proper date except the EMP show!)

This one I did for the poster to promote my friends No Doubt when I promoted them at The Delta Center in SLC when they became huge with their Tragic Kingdom album. It was the first of my huge arena shows that I promoted. Tom Dumont actually owns this painting because I traded it to him for the guitar he used on their big giant hit “Don’t Speak.” Whenever Tom is in town he likes to take people to my room and show people his painting while complaining that I don’t ship it to him. The reason I don’t is simple, I picked up the guitar, he can pick up the painting. Fair is fair.

This one I did for the No Doubt Return of Saturn tour. That was when No Doubt took a dip in popularity and we ran out of money because ticket sales were SHIT so we didn’t end up spending the money on expensive posters. That was the LAST of my big huge arena shows.

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