Photos/Videos: Private Show in Inglewood (Updated)

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No Doubt treated a couple hundred fans to a full live set last night during their ritual Friends and Family dress rehearsal show held at The Forum in Inglewood. The set list was pretty similar to their 2012 Gibson set minus a few tracks from Push and Shove, but with a few surprises including acoustic versions of “Sparkle”, “Magic’s In The Makeup” and the return of “Happy Now?”.

The band sounded fantastic and you can tell their energy is high for their Global Citizen Festival set this coming Saturday in New York! The band’s full show will be streamed live on this weekend. We will have more details on the site soon about the broadcast.

9/24/2014 — Inglewood, California — The Forum
Push and Shove / It’s My Life / Hella Good / Underneath It All / Ex-Girlfriend / Hey Baby / New / Sparkle (acoustic) Simple Kind of Life (acoustic) / Magic’s In The Makeup (acoustic) / Sunday Morning / Bathwater / Happy Now? / Settle Down / Don’t Speak / Just a Girl // Rock Steady / Spiderwebs

“New”, “Underneath It All”, “Ex-Girlfriend”, “It’s My Life”, “Rock Steady”






Photos courtesy of AJ Vasquez and Kelly Cooper.

31 Replies to “Photos/Videos: Private Show in Inglewood (Updated)”

  1. THE FORUM?? Uh HELLO?! (In the way only Gwen can say it hehe) There was PLENTY OF space for me and my 20 friends to be on that floor!!! :*( womp womp.

  2. Omg I’m surprised that they’re doing a full setlist. That’s really amazing! Man, I wish I could be there. They need to tape this show and share it with fans. I just wish they would perform a new song off P&S, considering that it’s a full set.

  3. No Doubt is Looking Good! If that is the setlist for the New York show, I would also include Looking Hot, but you can only do so much with a 45 minute set. Can’t wait for the tour in 2015? 2016? Probably the best show yet! Gwen is well rested, full of energy (NEW!) and fresh!

  4. I don’t think this will be th set list for NYC. The show was an 1.5 hours. Started at like 8:10 and ended at 9:40ish

  5. Ugh why do they perform sparkle and not one of the other songs from push and shove!? Did gwen screw up the words like she did everytime she performed sparkle? lol

  6. No. Gwen was on point. You gotta remember Gwen got really sick rigjt at the beginning of those Gibson shows so cut the Homegirl some slack.

  7. Sorry that was harsh. I just remember gwen always messing the words up when they did the 7 night stand. Glad to see they performed so many songs

  8. I’m surprised Rock Steady was in there. I like that song, but I wish another song from P/S was chosen. One we haven’t heard live yet…like Heaven!

  9. and its good to see them switching up the set list A LITTLE for a change.
    glad to see happy now back in the mix. also, sparkle and rock steady are always nice additions.
    i really think they should retire JAG. i know it’s critical to their career. but i just think they have never been able to perform it well live. the recorded track is great and the video killer, but it’s always, since the very beginning fallen flat when they do it live.

  10. It took awhile to grow on me Jenny, but I really enjoy the P/S album now. Gravity, Undercover, Dreaming, and Heaven all need to be played live!!

  11. JAG…flat? Are you crazy? LOL They may not put the theatrics into it like they used to, but I have several amazing performances of it from the 90’s and early 00’s! I think the ultimate performance of it was LITTK, but I also love the Weenie Roast one and Tinsley Park.

    1. LAMB, are you even a No Doubt fan? If you prefer Gwen’s solo over No Doubt then STFU. This is primarily a No Doubt Fansite. Bye.

  12. DOOM, wtf are you talking about? JAG is pure gold on stage! And I think their outfits were spot on. I’m telling you, people always have to pick on something.

  13. I’m shocked that anybody could think JAG doesn’t work well live lol. If there’s any ND song that really works well live, I’d say it’s JAG. I can see people not liking the live versions of It’s My Life or Settle Down, but JAG? I’m just shocked! 😉

  14. They do look good, radiant and happy.
    I don’t have much of an argument here just commenting on their styling.
    The matchy outfits reads less of a band to me and more like a product.
    More like costumes. They didn’t start doing this til around 07.

  15. As for JAG, I could be the only one!
    That’s the song that introduced me to the band when I was 14. So it’s hugely sentimental to me.
    But I don’t know, I’ve never appreciated it live. I think maybe it’s too hammed up. The whole girl thing. Flat is the wrong word, but maybe clumsy or kind of messy. The image of a strong woman is a huge part of Gwens identity and it’s something that I’ve always looked up to and related to (as a man). But it all falls on this song. And I think just because it’s obvious. There are other songs that capture that spirit in a more complex and subtle way (excuse me Mr., happy now, SM)
    She too in your face about it when it’s performed live.

  16. “She too in your face about it when it’s performed live.”
    Well, that’s what I like most about Gwen, when she’s tough and has a lot of attitude on stage. No wonder she’s considered a tomboy. She’s one of the boys.

  17. I think “hamming” JAG up is part of what makes it fun live. To make the men of the audience sing for her and then the females sing louder. To each their own 😀

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