Photos: Private Performance In LA Last Night

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Video clips are being added here!


Thanks to @haralabob for sharing, it seems as if the band performed six songs in total that included “Don’t Speak”, “Just A Girl” and “It’s My Life”. We’re still assuming at this time that they didn’t perform any new material — we’re thinking there would have been a bigger buzz about it.

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WOW! It turns out the band put on another private performance last night in Los Angeles! From the Tweets I’ve seen, looks like it was held in someone’s backyard — they haven’t done that in years! They performed six songs (including “Don’t Speak”), we’re not sure what those were, but we’re assuming nothing new. We’ll keep you posted when more info and photos come in!

Credits go to @wear_this, @haralabob, @unif, @Lougroza2 and @Amycharlotte13!

5 Replies to “Photos: Private Performance In LA Last Night”

  1. I’ve always dreamed about something so special and intimate like this! Huge congrats to those who were in attendance!!

    I miss ND so much!!

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