Photos: No Doubt Celebrating the Presidential Election in Paris

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Thanks so much to @LuxuryTravelMom for sharing a couple of photos of the band out watching and celebrating the US national Presidential election coverage at a local bar in Paris after their showcase for HP back on November 7. Gwen was even gracious enough to pose with a lucky fan. The band shared their own photos on Twitter last night expressing their excitement over President Obama’s re-election.

18 Replies to “Photos: No Doubt Celebrating the Presidential Election in Paris”

  1. that is nice posing with the fan they look great. however good luck with obama if we can weather sandy, katrina, we can weather ‘hurrican obama’. i am sure he is a good guy, however he is a dickhead politically, god knows why no doubt would endorse any of the two canidates but whatever it is there buissness. it just strikes me funny because they never where a political band, i mean did they ever publically endorse anyone else way back when?

  2. Hey Joe, I don’t think a non-partisan fan site is the appropriate place to post about your personal politics. The site itself does not endorse anyone, they are just reporting about the band. The band has never publicly endorsed any specific candidate, but there was the Family Fun Day with Mrs. Obama earlier this year at Gwen’s house. In the past, the band has greeted Mrs. Obama to Twitter, and they were also on one of the “Rock Against Bush” albums (musicians coming together against President George W. Bush during his first term). It is clear that the band has some pretty liberal beliefs, so for this to come as a surprise to anyone just shows how little some people are paying attention. It is their choice to support whichever candidate of their choosing.

  3. yeah and that is what i said, i do not care whom they do support, fyi i find it alittle funny to do so exspecially around a new album release they suddenly endorse him, when months before they said ‘we are not publically endorsing anyone’ i just find it funny suddenly they ass kiss obama at the right time lol. i do not know it is funny how that works out. personally i still think and will never think differently that the majority of the reason why the endorsed obama is probobly because obama mentioned he is a no doubt fan for one then they performed at the kennedy center honors. almost like there hands where tied to endorse him. the only point i am trying to make is no doubt seems to be a free willed band and suddenly there among the hollywood elite endorsing big goverment obama? it is just not them. as for the george bush thing pretaining to the war, how come if you claim no doubt is so ‘liberal’ they backed a president whom still has troops overseas? that is all for me.

  4. How is it ass kissing? Gwen believed in him and did something about it (her fundraiser party). No matter who you support, that’s a admirable thing to do. To put your time and money where your mouth is. And honestly, I think politics becomes more interesting with age and experience. They may not have felt comfortable expressing their views in the early days or maybe they just didn’t care about it. It sounds like you’re just mad that they don’t have the same political views as you…

  5. no i am moderate, a libertarian to be exact, yes i do see both sides of the fence.personally did not like either canidate. i did not like that ‘fundraising thing’ it seemed really arrogant to me because it was not a generous donation to families it was a admission price to a failing adminastration. shame on that whole thing, if they loved obama so much make a private donation. i cannot believe anyone went to that stupid thing, i would of to picket it. like all of these missinformed celebs when someone asks them ‘why do you support obama? it is always the same stupid answer ; ‘ well he is for change’. how dillusional. i love no doubt no matter what that will never change i just did not like the way they endorsed him came across.

  6. as for the ass kissing thing it almost seemed like because they perfomed at the kennedy center honors, they owed him something. sometimes i have to exspress my opinions and get things off my chest. still love your site and everything lol.

  7. Picket an event at a private home with children and families? I would think there would be better things to do with your time…

    1. so does no doubt, no offense to gwen. i think she should practice her singing alittle it has not been the best live, it is either hit or miss lately.

  8. Joe, regardless of whether you’re political opinions are correct or not, I can’t take you seriously based on your atrocious grammar and spelling.

  9. I think it’s pretty well known most Hollywood celebrities are liberal, unless they’re closet conservatives for fear of being ostracized by people like Dustin above who just say hate to say it. People should be able to pick whomever they want and talk about it like adults. Not use cuss words like children. Sorry I had to say it I’m done.

  10. I just like when bands stay out of the political scene. Religion and politics should not be discussed openly especially by pretty influential bands/celebrities. Carrie underwood turned down a deal to sing at a republican rally because she didn’t want to be associated with politics. I honor that. It is nice to keep music separate from politics. I am just sad when celebrities or musicians use their power to sway others. No doubt is still the best band on earth no matter who they support. I love them 🙂 ROCK STEADY

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