Photos: “Looking Hot” Promo Single

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Thank you so much to Dan for sharing photos of the new “Looking Hot” promo single that he purchased. It looks like it includes the album version and instrumental (download here). Pretty cool and we can see this being a rare item!

10 Replies to “Photos: “Looking Hot” Promo Single”

  1. i dont know why this is a single, or why theyre promoting it so much, if it were a good song it wouldve taken off by now

  2. I like it a lot…and the live version too. It’s a shame it hasn’t charted. Meanwhile crap like Gangnum Style is number one…ugh.

  3. I agree with Amanda 🙂 NO DOUBT IS THE BEST! And why many crap songs like “Gangnam Style” could reach top 1 in billboard?? It means that mostly people are lack in the taste of music.

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