Photos: Kristie’s No Doubt Landmark Tour

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Thank you to Kristie for sending in a bunch of her personal photos while herself and a friend went on the “No Doubt Landmark Tour” around Anaheim, California late last year. She took some incredible shots even incorporating album artwork for comparisons — super creative! She stopped by the Orange County Courthouse (where Gwen’s birth certificate is on display), the band house on Beacon Ave. (where there was a car with No Doubt stickers on it in the driveway), the “Sunday Morning” home, M&M Market and Deli, Loara High School and the exact places where specific shots were taken from the Tragic Kingdom artwork. Love! She did such a fantastic job and we’re really honored to share these photos. If you’re in Anaheim, we recommend doing the “No Doubt” tour yourself!

Click here to see more photos. We also have a list of addresses and locations of No Doubt landmarks here.

10 Replies to “Photos: Kristie’s No Doubt Landmark Tour”

  1. So her fist name is just Gwen? I thought for all these years, it was Gwendolyn. And I would love to know how to pronounce the name of the high school Gwen went to. Anyone know?

  2. Vanessa, you pronounce it Low-Air-A.

    Also I find it so funny that the certificate doesn’t ask for the mother’s profession and only the father’s.

  3. thanks for the clarification. 😀

    well most women back in 1969 didn’t work, they stayed at home and took care of the kids and the home. So that will probably explain why it’s like that. 🙂

  4. Which court house? The one in Santa Ana…that is a random find. Never knew that one, and I got married there LOL

  5. on my ND tour nearly 10 years ago i went to the beacon st. house, loara h.s., the old dairy queen gwen worked at, and the park (supposedly) where john killed himself…not sure if i really believed the guy who told me that though

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