Photos: 2009 Tour Friends and Family Show



Check out a couple of rare and special photos from No Doubt’s exclusive Friends and Family dress rehearsal show in Las Vegas, Nevada back on the eve of their summer tour opening night on May 15, 2009. My family and I were actually invited by the band to this special event and its probably still one of the most surreal experiences I’ve had as a No Doubt fan. The band put on their full show for a limited crowd, including mostly friends, family and tour mates.

Thank you to Victor Romero for sending in a couple of his photos from the show. A lot of photos don’t exist due to the strict rules for this exclusive performance. Notice Gwen’s killer heels during “Stand and Deliver”?

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    1. I wanna say maybe a couple hundred…? I’m not quite sure. I felt like I was a nervous wreck most of the time, lol! I sat a few rows across from Gwen’s parents and little Kingston.

    1. I was a nervous wreck because this was the first (and only time, really) that I’ve been that close to the band. And with their immediate family and friends there, I felt pretty intimidated! I was extremely grateful that I was able to bring my mom and sisters along. They helped me calm my nerves a little. 🙂

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