Photo: Tony and Gwen Tour Bound In 1992

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Check out a really sweet photo of Tony and Gwen circa 1992 shared by everythingnodoubt on Tumblr. Eric Keyes recalls that this photo was taken outside the band house on Beacon Ave. in Anaheim, California the morning that No Doubt were heading out on the Trapped In a Box tour in 1992. How special!

14 Replies to “Photo: Tony and Gwen Tour Bound In 1992”

    1. Her nose looks the same. It’s always looked like that. She’s just lost weight. That picture still has baby fat in her face. Of course she’s not going to look totally the same.

      If she had her eyes done, she has very visible wrinkles around her eyes and crow’s feet. And as for her breasts, she’s had TWO kids at a later age in life. Your body completely and totally changes during and after pregnancy. It’s never going to go back 100% to the way it was unless you’re very young. Her breasts got bigger cause she was pregnant and nursing. They’re not as small as they used to be, but they’re by no means obviously redone.

      I get so sick of this. Every few years there’s another set of speculations about how she has/hadn’t had work done, and it’s obvious that she hasn’t. (Same thing about her being pregnant or not.) Gwen has wrinkles, you can see them in non-airbrushed pics. She looks fanastic, but wouldn’t we all at her age if we had the ability to hire people to take care of our nutrition, make our food, care for our skin and exercise us regularly? It’s no great mystery as to why she looks this good — she’s rich enough to afford people to help manage, maintain and care for her. Oh, and she clearly stays out of the sun which ages your horribly. Surgery has little to no baring on why she looks so amazing.

  1. I don’t think Mrs. Gwen has had any plastic surgery I would be surprised to find that is the case. She just grew up and blossomed . And my–my what a lovely flower she has become. I would love to see her in person up close, I would likely fall out . I have always read that she is even more beautiful in person! ” WOW”

  2. @D – You’re right, I wouldn’t be surpirsed if she’s had more done actually. Her work is amazing though, I think it looks really natural, and I don’t think you would notice unless we saw pictures like this.

  3. I personally think she had work done around the Solo era, but just super subtle and done REALLY well. Seems more obvious when you compare current pictures to ones from ROS and early RS.

    And whatever, she looks phenomenal.

  4. She definitely had all that done, but she looks good. It was subtle. She looks really cute in that pic.

  5. I agree, she just grew up and took really great care of herself. And yes, most people don’t look the same from 23 to 43. I think she’s aging gracefully. 🙂

  6. I agree the work looks amazing and you wouldn’t be able to tell unless you compared early pic’s to now…And yes Rob she is better looking in person Shockingly beautiful……

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