Photo: No Doubt Live in San Diego 1994

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The wonderful Sarah (who sent us in some of her personal shots from 1994’s Pismo Beach show a few weeks ago) has shared another super rare photo of the band live from back in the day. Eric Keyes has confirmed for us that this was taken at the World Beat Center on February 18, 1994 in San Diego, California.

No Doubt looked so rad during this era and we’re so thrilled to share gems like this with everyone!


Mr. Keyes has sent us some more insider info from this landmark show that is actually featured on the Live in the Tragic Kingdom DVD extras. Sublime opened up for the band that night and Gwen joined Bradley Nowell onstage for their “Saw Red” duet.

I put clips of this show on the bonus featurette “Road To The Kingdom” on the LITTK DVD… Sound Check “Sometimes” and “End It On This”… I remember it was raining and the venue leaked, Tony was banging his head rocking out so hard that it threw his neck out of whack… eww, it was freaky, Sublime was the opening band and Gwen sang “Saw Red” with them here’s that performance if you haven’t seen it. 🙂

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