Photo: Rare Live Shot From Self-Titled Era

These are our favorite kind of posts (and one of our favorite eras!) — we love sharing these photos with everyone! Thanks again so much to MB for sending in, check out this never-before-seen shot of the band onstage back in what looks to be 1993-1994 sometime (we’re guessing). You can see Gwen on the far right and Tom second to left with the glasses on. Would anyone be able to help us identify the time and place? Click here to see a larger version of the photo!


Thank you so much to Gloriane for the info, but apparently she says that this photo was taken back in 1992 on the band’s first tour. Gwen wore those pants during the gigs back in 1992, and this show just might be at the Peer Records in Irvine, California. Same show below! We really wish we had more access to this stuff from back in the day, it’s so neat to look back on. ND! Interscope! Are you listening? Wouldn’t it be awesome if Gwen released that “coffee book” that was menioned a long time ago?

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  1. It might be at UCSD (University of San Diego). No Doubt used to play the TGIF shows there on the UCSD campus in the early 90s. I can’t be sure, but it looks familiar.

  2. i think this rare photo may be from 1992 @

    Peer Records 4249 Campus Dr. Irvine , CA

    Gwen wore that outfit @ the Peer Records show, that was my first ND show

    if they are on a rasied wood stage – than i would know more

    that is not the Beacon Street Era – those pants are from the first album tour

    Hope this helps

  3. Those pants are pretty SICK, but like sick as in FOR REAL!! I think there pants were great pre-SWEET ESCAPE jail intro outfit that came 12 yrs too early!! Love you GWEN!!

  4. @ jenny

    if i could only see the crowd a tad bit more – i would really know. the stage was wood, rasied, and the crowd was below. those were the pants for sure and she also wore those sungalsses from the Trapped in a Box video – the white ones…. & Eric Keyes was the bouncer. i was dead center – my whole head was braids…WE NEED CROWD SHOTS!! maybe one day …..if i have time i can head to Peer & scope it out 🙂

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