Photo: No Doubt's Upcoming "Icon" Album Cover

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The cover image has been released for No Doubt’s upcoming “Icon” album on Amazon… interesting. What does everyone think?

It also seems to have the exact track listing (even in the same order!) as The Singles 1992-2003.

17 Replies to “Photo: No Doubt's Upcoming "Icon" Album Cover”

  1. pay for music you were already given for free and now pay for a picture that we’ve seen a million times. lame .

  2. Is that the same track list as the Singles album? Like the same order and everything? I guess I’ll still buy it when it comes out. Isn’t it gonna be like 8 bucks or something? Why not! Haha

  3. Well this isnt really an official ND album, is it? The studio is putting it out.

    Its honestly a really good idea. the singles were from 2003, so this new version will allow new fans and people who have never listened to ND to be able to enjoy them.

    I’m going to buy it because my singles is very scratched and will only play like 5 songs haha.

  4. That one photo is well over 2 years old. Like I wasn’t bummed enough that only one photo was used for that “era” now we get it for a cover too? Ridiculous.

  5. I really dont like it … and I still dont get why ANOTHER “greatest hits” is being released as if you guys have had new songs since the last greatest hits album in 2003 ….this album is such a waste of time , songs we have heard 2 million times over and a pic that was taken years ago on the cover? seriously? Im not buying this I want the NEW CD with NEW MUSIC!!!!

  6. not worth buying if you already got the singles collection, which was pretty much more official to me and has the same songs on it. This record is like if I just made a No Doubt mix myself.

  7. This isnt being released through No Doubt or Interscope. “ICON” is a series in which they take an artists best hits and put them all together for a low low price. They have done this with many other artists (including Janet Jackson, who is not part of Interscope) and they are all titled “ICON”. I love the cover, but I wish they didn’t allow this company to use their material for this series. It’s kinda like the NOW (Now That’s What I Call Music) series, only it focuses on only 1 artist.

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