Photo: No Doubt Share “Jamaica Sessions” Shot

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We love when the band shares these amazing goodies with us! They graciously shared this awesome rare photo of them way back in 2001 in Jamaica while recording Rock Steady. They also shared a link to the “Jamaica Sessions” on YouTube – most of this footage was shared in the 2001 VH1 special Deeper With No Doubt.

In March 2001 No Doubt were in Jamaica recording songs for Rock Steady with Sly & Robbie and Steelie & Cleevie.

Watch the sessions here –

4 Replies to “Photo: No Doubt Share “Jamaica Sessions” Shot”

  1. “Tom’s very creative and sometimes he comes up with stuff that’s very universal.”

    HA! I hope they are having as much fun with the next record as they did with this one.

  2. I absolutely loved the “Jamaica Sessions” and enjoy watching anything that came out of that time.

  3. Maybe they should all go back there for a couple weeks since they had such a good time making Rock Steady…They would be surrounded by some good energy and could make some new songs out there.

  4. That was great energy and I loved the behind the scenes look that they gave us. It would be nice if they had that “no pressure, just fun” vibe this time around.

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