Photo: No Doubt Backstage in 1996

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Thank you to Instagram’s dazilama for sharing his vintage photo with the band back in 1996. Gwen looks like she’s wearing the same outfit as when No Doubt was presented a star on the Hard Rock Cafe walk of fame back on September 6 in Newport Beach, California. Awesome!

5 Replies to “Photo: No Doubt Backstage in 1996”

  1. didn’t she also wear those pants in the videos you posted recently? it’s nice to see gwen wear clothing more than once, even if it was a long time ago. She looks great. 😀

    1. Yeah, the Speak Easy interview? I think she did. I would die today still if her TK wardrobe appeared in my closet. I was such a Gwenabee back in the day!

  2. Gwen was never afraid to wear a piece of clothing twice but styled differently. She still does that today which is normal for us but unusual for a celebrity in hollywood.

  3. that was her uniform at the time. if they had gwen dolls back then you woulda had to collect all the different colors of zipper pants.

    ps i was there.

  4. I loved the way gwen dressed back then. it was one of the things that attracted me to the band. besides their music of course, lol.

    She dresses great now too. 😀

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