Photos: iHeartRadio Soundcheck

Ryan Seacrest just Tweeted a photo from tonight’s soundcheck at the iHeartRadio festival in Vegas! 30 minutes till showtime!

Awesome! Instagram users tikilove and ilanbanner posted these pictures of the band rehearsing for thier performance at the iHeartRadio Festival (which is less than an hour away, now!) this afternoon! Tikilove posted hers with the caption “My private #nodoubt concert <3 my job!“.

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  1. OH MY GOSH. That was incredible. The band all looked so happy to be playing together and so fresh.

    Gwen’s voice too, she did very well… I mean Hella Good had a rough start but the entrance and everything after that was pretty phenomenal.

    Great job guys!

  2. Im glad this will air on tv in a few weeks cause my computer sucks, lol

    Loved the part when Pink came on stage to sing with Gwen.

    No Doubt did a great job. 😀

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