Photo: Gwen and Tony with Planet VI

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More collaborator news? Production duo and artists Planet VI (formally known as Rock City), brothers Timothy and Theron Thomas, shared a photo of themselves with Gwen and Tony yesterday afternoon in a Los Angeles studio. Planet VI has worked with tons of artists including Drake, Sean Kingston and Rihanna. Planet VI is also working on a reggae mixtape of their own at the moment. The two come from the Virgin Islands, so can we expect something with a little island flair? We’ll see.

Gwen Stephanie No Doubt And Your Favorite Island Boys PlanetVI And @AnythingILL RIGHT ABOUT NOW #rockcity #richnigga #ourtime #forthegram #freshofftheboat

15 Replies to “Photo: Gwen and Tony with Planet VI”

  1. I hope the “Stephanie” was just an autocorrect error.

    I don’t mind an island feel so this news doesn’t bother me…

  2. Do you guys think that people are paying attention to No Doubt because of Gwen or because they actually can make another hit record as big as Tragic Kingdom or Rock Steady?

  3. “mmm but they dont have any successful song. do they?”

    My hope is that after being apart for so long, they just needed some time to warm up again (P&S) and that we will get a stronger album this time. Let’s wait and see if they can do it. But the most important thing is that they make music they like, instead of getting trapped in a mindset of trying to create hits.

  4. @Jenn – I’m assuming by people, you mean the writers/producers they’ve been rumored with lately? I think they are interested because ND is paying them to be LOL But also because they want to work with Gwen I’m sure…

    @LAMB – Pour It Up is popular… Forever was popular too. Man Down may not have been a commercial success, but it did get a video.

  5. They helped produce Man Down which was a pretty darn good record from LOUD. It is very reggae & hip hop – something that would be on the Sweet Escape. This album is totally going to be Rock Steady 2.0 It is going to be MAJOR!!!

  6. Have any of you guys actually heard any other record from no doubt except tragic kingdom they all sound different get over it

  7. All everyone does is go back to Tragic Kingdom and I get why, that is the sound from No Doubt most people want, that rock, punky sound but…….. All their other albums have been totally different; after all the other albums since Tragic Kingdom, why would they, in reality, go back to Tragic Kingdom? I’d love it if they did but they haven’t really produced much rock for a very long time!!!!

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