Photo: Gibson Night #1 Set List; Updated

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The complete set list is below. The original post did not have the acoustics listed.

Here it is! Thank you to my good friend Donna for the texts and @NDLamb for the photo of the following set list for night #1 for Gibson:

Push And Shove
It’s My Life
Hella Good
Underneath It All
Hey Baby
Hey You (Acoustic)
Sparkle (Acoustic)
Simple Kind of Life (Acoustic)
One More Summer (Acoustic)
Sunday Morning
Happy Now?
Settle Down
Don’t Speak
Just a Girl

Looking Hot
Total Hate

24 Replies to “Photo: Gibson Night #1 Set List; Updated”

  1. TOTAL HATE!!!

    Omg I’m so excited if only for that holy crap.

    But can’t wait to hear the new songs! Makes sense it’s only a few… this isn’t the real tour yet.

    So excited for Monday night, my one and only show. It’s been three years!

  2. They need to drop It’s My Life already. It would have been so much better if they had played something new like One More Summer or something rare like You’re So Foxy instead.

  3. Opening with P&S?? I did not see that coming! I figured that would be a great encore song!

    So glad Hey You made an appearance. It’s such a sweet, simple song and quite beautiful when done acoustically IMO.

    Only 5 of the new songs though? I’m a little bummed about that. I know it’s a massive setlist with the hits and rarities, but I’m also excited to hear the new stuff live! Where is Easy??? I really hope we get audio or video of Sparkle!! Hopefully the setlist will change for each show…

    I don’t see It’s My Life being dropped since that was their last big hit song…

  4. Better. But I’d still drop It’s My Life AND Hella Good. Bring back Bathwater and throw in something rarely done like Open the Gate or Move On.

  5. Oh! But I do think only doing 5 songs from P&S was a smart choice. And those were the 5 best choices that they could have made.

    I just wish more rare/old songs aside from Tragic Kingdom would make an appearance. Stuff from Beacon Street, Return of Saturn, Rock Steady or Everything in Time would be appreciated. Hell, just whipping out Trapped in a Box or Let’s Get Back would’ve thrown me over the edge.

  6. I’m not a big fan of Its My Life either but I would much rather hear that over Rock Steady, Running, and Different People. Wish more ROS songs made it into the set

  7. With the holidays coming up,I think it would have been awesome if they played Oi to the World. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them play it live, and I’ve been to my fair share of shows!
    I was also hoping for Excuse Me Mr! I think I’m most excited for New though, so I hope that stays on the set list for 12/2!
    I wonder if they’ve ever thought about doing a medley. I know a lot of artists sometimes do that when they have a bunch of old classics to play in a (somewhat) short amount of time.

  8. Love that glitter jumper thing. Her legs look even better than they did on Letterman!

    I’m pretty sure the band is not allowed to play songs that are slated as potential singles. Just like someone else had said too, this isn’t the Push and Shove tour just yet. That said I’m pretty happy with the setlist… I just hope they are still playing the TKT version of Sunday Morning.

  9. I was able to get a last minute ticket yesterday afternoon and I am SO happy & thankful I did. Last night’s show was unbelievably amazing and I was really glad with the setlist. I’m going to 4 more shows so I hope that the setlist changes up a bit. Possibly trading out It’s my Life for Easy or Platinum Blonde Life? That would be awesome!

  10. The concert was so good. I really hope they add “Easy” and “Undercover”! They could put “Easy” in place of “Hey You” and do “Undercover” instead of “It’s My Life” or “Happy Now.”

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