Photos: Live at the Belly-Up Tavern

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Sarah has sent us in yet more gems from her personal collection this afternoon. We’re waiting to see if some more confirmation comes up about the date and location of the photo (though it looks to be the same night as these photos were taken). No Doubt looks incredible and we’re so thankful to Sarah for sharing her photos with us. She says she has plenty more to share with us so we’re excited to share more soon!

Check out Sarah’s previous sets from San Diego and Pismo Beach.

3 Replies to “Photos: Live at the Belly-Up Tavern”

  1. SOOOO RADDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THESE PICS!! 90’s FLASHBACK!!! LOVE HOW GWEN ROCKS THE PJ’s and gets away with it!!!!!

  2. Glo, totally! That second photo is probably already one of my favorite shots of her of all time. She looked so incredibly cool during those years.

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