Pharrell Confirms He’s Working with No Doubt

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Exciting news! In a new radio interview with The Angie Martinez Show, the Neptune’s Pharrell Williams revealed that he is indeed working with No Doubt on their new album! Pharrell has worked with the band and Gwen a few times on songs including “Hella Good”, “Hollaback Girl”, and “Wind It Up” to name a few.

So we can assume his run-in with Gwen and Tony in the studio last week might have been work related! You can hear Pharrell mention No Doubt at 8:13 in the video above.


Tom hinted on Twitter this morning that Pharrell is working on more than one song for the band and calls the tracks “epic”.

11 Replies to “Pharrell Confirms He’s Working with No Doubt”

  1. Omg exciting news!!! I obsessed with that new daft punk/pharrel song….would love to hear something like that come outta this collab

  2. I think it’s great that they are working together, but I dismiss any words like “epic” and “anthem” from artists and producers.

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