Paramore Fans Pre-Sale After No Doubt Pre-Sale This Thursday


Woo! We can all breathe a little better now cause apparently Paramore fans will also be getting a pre-sale for the tour…after we do. Much after we do, actually (sorry Paramore fans!). This is for everyone who is/was freaking out about Paramore fans taking advantage of the good tickets for the No Doubt fans who have waited long enough. Thanks to Distorted Vision for pointing out, taken from Livenation. (WE LOVE YOU!)

Special Tickets and Offers

* Headline Artist Fan Club Presale On Sale


4:00 PM EST

* Support Artist Fan Club Presale On Sale


5:00 PM EST

I also want to take the time to apologize to all of our newsletter subscribers who felt like their were spammed by us all today, it’s been pretty exciting around here! We just want to make sure everyone is updated on the latest will all this tour information.

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