“One More Summer” Named Time Out New York’s Song of the Summer

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After weeks of voting, No Doubt’s “One More Summer” has been named Time Out New York’s Song of the Summer! This may be small to some, but a lot of fans voted like crazy for this and it’s nice to come out on top!

We would like to personally thank No Doubters @dearnodoubt and @nodoubterpetra for spreading the news and encouraging others to vote.

19 Replies to ““One More Summer” Named Time Out New York’s Song of the Summer”

  1. I think it’s really cool, but at the same time a little sad… it just shows OMS would’ve had some potential that got completely wasted 🙁 Interscope should consider using OMS for a commercial or soundtrack now. With some exposure it could turn into a minor success after all. It doesn’t even need a video. Some airplay or viral promotion should be enough.

  2. right on!! i voted like a billion times haha. I hope radio plays One More Summer this summer. it’s the perfect time to release it. I really wish they release One More Summer OR Undone while we wait for the new album.

  3. I think interscope/ND’s team is somehow afraid of posting this on their social network lol Probably they think it will confuse fans or something? We know the new album won’t be released any time soon so why waste the potential of songs like One More Summer? Even if they don’t promote the song I’m sure it’d be a moderate success. Interscope is screwing big time with their artists lately.

  4. Yeah…. I guess I’m the only one who isn’t wild about OMS. I haven’t listened to the album since last year, but it’s one song that I constantly skipped…

  5. I much prefer the acoustic version… It made the difference between me being “meh” on the song and really liking it!

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