OMFG: Band Teased Fans With "Squeal" Last Night In Cleveland

I need to learn to breathe! After years, and years, and years of requesting… I think old school fan’s dreams might be coming true soon! No Doubt played a mini-instrumental version of “Squeal” last night when Gwen pulled up a fan onstage and talked to the audience. Ahh — just hearing the drum intro gave me chills! It’s funny cause Gwen points out a sign in the audience asking for “Squeal,” and you can hear Gwen say, “they just did!” pointing to the boys. This gives me more hope for Irvine! I can’t wait for Christina to get back and post her review and photos — apparently her meet and greet went really well! She told me that she asked them to play “Total Hate” and Gwen said it’s up to Tony!

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  1. Christina, you are the best. Thank You. Total Hate 95 is my favorite No Doubt song of all time. You rock!

  2. I’m so sick of these teases. Gwen should just fucking learn the damn lyrics already. “Here’s 10 seconds of Squeal….OHWAIT we’re just gonna play JAG for the 1348937th time.”

    It’s starting to get annoying. THIS is the tour that should’ve been slam-packed with oldies. But its not. And that’s sad.

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