Official Statement Regarding “Looking Hot”

No Doubt have released an official statement acknowledging the controversy surrounding the “Looking Hot” video. The video has been removed and the band sincerely apologizes to those who found the video offensive.

We respect the band immensely for taking this move and speaking out about it. On that note, we have removed all screen captures and links for it per request of management.

No Doubt — As a multi-racial band our foundation is built upon both diversity and consideration for other cultures. Our intention with our new video was never to offend, hurt or trivialize Native American people, their culture or their history. Although we consulted with Native American friends and Native American studies experts at the University of California, we realize now that we have offended people. This is of great concern to us and we are removing the video immediately. The music that inspired us when we started the band, and the community of friends, family, and fans that surrounds us was built upon respect, unity and inclusiveness. We sincerely apologize to the Native American community and anyone else offended by this video. Being hurtful to anyone is simply not who we are.

– No Doubt

49 Replies to “Official Statement Regarding “Looking Hot””

  1. It’s sad that it came to this… I knew as soon as I saw the video that some people were going to be offended. Can’t they just reshoot it and have Tony/Gwen play outlaws instead? 🙁

    On a brighter note, maybe they’ll get some press for this and it’ll help the single…? LOL

    1. GOOD! Maybe Gaga can tweet about it getting removed. Seems to be the only promo Interscopes willing to give them.

  2. Wow, this is amazing. I loved the video and never took it to be offensive. However, just like the good band they are No Doubt listened and took it down. I am truly sorry they wasted their time making the video because it was great. I love you guys and I wish you all the luck!

  3. I am a NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN and I am PROUD of this music video!!!! You guys did a damn great job at representing my culture & heritage!!!! NOTHING IS WRONG WITH IT!!! It’s all TRUTH with what the WHITE MEN did to my ancestors with taking the land, and invading, and jailing them! I am upset that it got to this!!! It NEEDS to be back up!

  4. You know I thought about it when I saw the video. The Native American community is very sensitive and rightfully so. It’s a shame though. I really enjoyed the video.

  5. Annoyed! I’m sure the people that complained are not Native Americans. What ever happened to entertaining fans and artists expressing themselves?

  6. Wow, most bands wouldn’t give a fuck, No Doubt is really cool, though I am a native and not as offended it’s still cool they did this

  7. @Austin, we would assume the band would consider shooting another video for the single since it’s so strong and is being heavily promoted now. It is a shame, but I respect and admire No Doubt for making the right move. Though I am not Native, I could see and respect why it was found offensive. I do know that No Doubt meant no harm obviously but they are incredible for coming out with this statement and acknowledging that they did offend. I am always 100% supportive of them and this just goes to show why.


  9. This whole thing is just weird. I still think this is a huge overreaction, scenes like that are depicted in thousands of movies, music videos, cartoons… I am not American so maybe I cannot judge this appropriately, but knowing well their culture, it’s all still very surprising to me. Go figure…

  10. That’s fine just take down all other videos that have a little culture or reference genres behind them. Which would be almost every video there is! People need to relax and focus on the MUCH BIGGER issues there are in the world right now! I Loved the video 🙁

  11. I’m half Native American and while I’m not offended by this video, it is good that they care. While it is a reality of Native American history, some people don’t seem to care as much. Imagine if this was a video depicting a different race or culture. People would have rioted. It is good that they care about not perpetuating stereotypes.

  12. This whole thing really and truly annoys me. Well done to the band for handling it graciously, but in my opinion this is the beginning of the end of art. Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. No issue was every resolved through censorship. A sad day.

  13. Someone should please send a download link of “Looking Hot” video for us No Doubters that were affected by this situation. Anyway, the video is beautiful and people from US are exaggerated, they should concern about another issues, not about making charges of a great video that didn’t have the intent to offend anyone.

  14. Nothing wrong with video ! One their best ever,.put it back up and dont worry about being so PC ! No Doubt should not have to worry about a few peoples reactions,no matter what any body does there will be some who does not like it.Tough shit for them,thay can get over it. I am 1/2 native and find nothing worthy of taking the video away from us. That Video rocked and Gwen and the band was Specatular !

  15. People need to stop being so offended at everything. It’s history! It happened! And we live in a country where we are free to say what we want. Personally, I don’t like seeing a video of Rihanna tied up and singing about how good pain feels. It weirds me out that it is marketed to young girls and I think it sends out a gross message, SO I DON’T WATCH IT. But, I am not about to attack Rihanna (of whom I am a great fan) and tell her she needs to have more respect for herself if that is the way she feels like expressing herself creatively. Some of the best art is a little shocking and makes you think. I don’t like seeing Tony behind bars because he is a dream boat, but the video was beautiful and visually stunning and I am sad that people took it the wrong way. Can we be a little less sensitive, accept the past and our differences as people and show more love? No Doubt is all love, and always will be. And us fans are the most diverse (and fun) group you could put in one stadium!!! 🙂


  16. I’m not totally surprised that some people took offense to it and I think it’s awesome that the band cares enough to take it down. I hope to see some real promotion of this album soon, it’s been so erratic and weird so far.

  17. That was very cool of them to take it down if it offends people. But really people? Come on.. That video was awesome.

  18. Gosh, this was easily the best video of this era and one of their best videos ever, beautifuly shot by Melina and it’s really sad that people can’t see it as portraying something that was of course bad but it doesn’t mean the band condones it.

    I mean, I don’t want to be offensive but seriously, should Pocahontas from Disney or Clint Eastwood’s western movies be banned because of its themes? I’m just trying to make a point here…

  19. Kate, I agree it’s cool they care enough to shut the video down but seriously, they did nothing wrong and they are doing their best to promote the hell out of this album. I really appreciate it as a fan.

  20. I am literally FUMING about this. This is a DISGUSTING attack on the music community, the music video community, No Doubt’s fans, and especially- NO DOUBT’S BAND MEMBERS. To let a handful of long-time haters who were hating on EVERYTHING about the band- their music, their career longevity, EVERYTHING- decide for the WORLD what it gets to enjoy because THEY are MORONS is infuriating. TRUST ME: I went through EVERY SINGLE PAGE OF COMMENTS on the ‘Looking Hot’ YouTube page last night so I could laugh my ass off, all 100+ of them, and it was the SAME tiny group of people, people who were sending me HORRIBLE replies to my supportive posts. Why can’t YouTube moderate the comments like a billion other pages I see if it’s “such a concern”. I actually posted on Facebook the link to the video sharing it with everyone saying “Congrats to No Doubt on their first scandal! haha. AWESOME vid, and some people are actually trying to say it’s RACIST. Hilarious! It’s AMAZING!”, then this morning I wake up to read here it’s been taken DOWN? Because of comments that were PATHETIC and SO ill-informed (my favorites: “Thanks to this video everyone is going to think my ancestors all had diabetes”, “when they were dancing by the fire I literally got sick to my stomach and had to leave the room to vomit, I am shaking right now”, and “now everyone is going to expect me to be a prostitute, because that’s what this video has convinced the world my people are.”WHAT!?!?! WHAT? WHAT????!!! Your “people”? Your “people” aren’t IN this video. They’re not “depicted” at ALL. It’s Gwen Stefani in a COSTUME, playing DRESS UP, like ALWAYS. Why did the Japanese not raise hell with her Harajuku stage? Why did Latinas not force videos with Gwen in her chola/Santa Ana days (which I GREW UP IN WITH THE BAND in those years)? Why didn’t Indians call her the ‘C’ word when she wore the Indian jewels and henna tattoos? BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME. BECAUSE IT’S SHOWING DIVERSITY AND THE LOVE OF DIVERSITY. Why hasn’t the black community raised hell over showing Gabe and Steve as gun wielding drunken jail guards in the video? Why haven’t sheriff’s departments threatened to sue for Tom’s portrayal of cops as gun happy street cops who go on shooting sprees? Sorry but I don’t CARE if 10 people got upset, the band could apologize for their misunderstanding and explain what the video actually is and let it live on as a piece of music video art, as a promotional piece for a long-awaited new album (that Interscope has done an ASS job of promoting, might I add), as a tribute to their work and friendship, as a gift to their fans. I will be upset about this decision for a long time. It’s unfair, it’s ridiculous, it was bending over to art rapists, if you ask me. For now, I found a page with the video posted for all those who missed it or for those who can’t stop watching it. I would LOVE if someone smarter than me could figure out how to save it/download it, because I worry some MORON is going to report it or something and have it removed, too. ENJOY guys, and I swear to GOD this is not over! It better become available on iTunes- iTunes is 100% VOLUNTARY and there should be NO control over who chooses to enjoy it on a FOR PURCHASE forum like that. It’s like people who don’t want to see PG, PG-13, or R movies- DON’T GO THEN. PLUS there is NOTHING that is NOT rated G about this video!!!!! If anyone knows how to save this video before they stupidly pull this page down, too, PLEASE let the FANS know! Thanks guys! NO DOUBT!!!–looking-hot-music-video-news.html

    1. You are really not helping your point by coming off as raging and insane. Maybe if you were a bit more calm , open minded and willing to hear why people were hurt by this you would be able to understand why the video was voluntarily taken down (not banned by the PC police). I just wanted to let you know that many people did in fact criticize her for the harajuku stage, as well as the luxurious video and the bindis. Some have even tagged her as “the queen of cultural appropriation”. While I stood up for her in many cases, the difference here is the sexualization of violence and the use of sacred items in order to sell a single. The fashion industry has taken a lot of flack for the use of native prints and urban outfitters was even sued for their “navajo hipster panites”. The fact of the matter is if you want to support or salute native culture, buy from native artisans or visit a reservation. I hope No Doubt does a free show at a rez or even a rez tour as an apology. I love No Doubt and want to see them get past this. I hope this has helped you understand 🙂

  21. I don’t think it was just YouTube comments they were looking at. Probably fan pages, FB, Twitter, the fan forum, etc. I think the band was a little hasty about pulling it off the net, but on the bright side at least we get another video for Looking Hot LOL I hope the original video will be posted here or elsewhere for those who did enjoy it…

  22. Amanda G, I don’t know if interscope is going to give ND budget for another looking hot video… or any other video whatsoever if looking hot or push&shove(song) don’t chart

  23. Gwen as is taken captive by the white police, sends for help from Tony, who too is arrested for no reason by the white man, he does not fight back, he is peaceful, he is no agressive, he helps her escape to freedom. And this video shows Native Americans in a bad light…. how?? KINDA SOUNDS LIKE WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM IN REAL LIFE. It sounds pretty damn respectful if you ask me. Why? Cuz the white man SUCKS! haha. I’m so pissed about this. I can’t get over it.

  24. I don’t even know what to think about any aspect of this era anymore, its all so frustrating and confusing. I personally thought the video was great, even if it really didn’t go with the song whatsoever. I also don’t think they should have pulled it down but I can see why they did. The video looked expensive too; I can’t see them shooting a new video for the song. are any other artists at Interscope having these many issues?

  25. I don’t even know what to say about this. It is so sad that it had to come down to this. It was an amazing video and I know that it will love on with the fans including myself.

  26. I still don’t get why this video is such a “problem” for some people. With that said, I also dont fully understand the concerpt of the video either. To me, it didn’t really make any sense and it didnt fit with what the song was saying. But that’s just me, I don’t tend to read into alot of things all the time. lol

    My guess, No Doubt will make another video. Also, what about the lyric vidoe for ‘Looking Hot’? Has that been released yet?

  27. wow this is the shit they get for working with the director who directs stupid videos for rihanna…how sad they should of stick to sophie muller then they never would of had this problem 🙁 haters gone hate! dont hate the band blame the director!!!

  28. you know i am so sick of pleasing everyone, come on no doubt you endorsed obama which took some balls and i disagree with the endorsement but still love you guys, so you cannot show some balls and keep the video up that you worked so hard on? fuck this country being so topsy tirey and sensitive. i am so sick of it.

  29. I just saw that Yahoo news finally put up an article about this. Luckily the comments seem pretty supportive of the band. I wish they would put the video back up…

  30. All the reasons why this video IS NOT an issue to some, is why California schools should be allowed to teach more then what is on the STAR test. The only thing worse would have been Gwen running off to an Indian Casino at this point.

    let it go, they were led astray by a director that pushes images that aren’t positive to say the least. I dont think anyone meant malice if they did it would still be online to watch.

  31. Nothing wrong with video this is foolish, are they going to ban all westerns now because of some crybabys looking for attention!

  32. OMG this is ridiculous … all that is being over ridiculous … I saw the video two days ago … that video was beautiful … and didn’t offend anyone … What is offending … is seeing all these women singer more than half naked in these video … not to say … but rihanna … even if I like them or don’t care to see them wearing nothing ….
    What happens with Looking Hot is ridddddiiiiiiiicccccuuuuulouuuussss

  33. If you missed or want the ‘Looking Hot’ video I have it downloaded- I was able to catch one of the last links before it got pulled. I’ve burned a few copies for some No Doubters already. I’m more than happy to do it. Email me: Because some more people have asked I just ask that the cost of the shipping and the DVD be covered? About $6.69 has been the average cost to those I’ve already sent it to, and to make it more “worth it” I’m also including the ‘Settle Down’ and “Push and Shove’ videos as well, so all 3 ‘P&S’ era vids so far on one DVD. I’m not trying to cash in, I’m simply trying to allow true fans the opportunity to see this video, as I think the whole “scandal” is completely ridiculous. I am in NO way trying to go against the band or ANYTHING like that- the video has been pulled off the world wide web and it cannot be seen by those who (stupidly, in my opinion) might take “offense”. This is strictly for hard core lovers of the band, the true fans, who believe this was a bad move for promoting this record and want to continue to show their full support to the band as much as possible like I always have, do, and always will. So go ahead and email me if you’re interested. Like I said, several fans from the sites have already gotten theirs and emailed me and loved it. I’m not shady, I’m a life-long No Doubter, and I’m here for my fellow No Doubters in this time of need! 😉

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