Official “Settle Down” Single Cover Art

Woah. It’s here, No Doubters! The band just revealed the official single cover artwork for “Settle Down” — amazing! We are absolutely loving the bright colors, checkers, fonts and the whole overall funky and over-the-top look of it. It really reminds us of something M.I.A. and Major Lazer would do, which is killer. This is for sure a change for the band but it’s just so cool. The video will be debuting the same day the single hits radio and is released to retailers, what do you think!?

19 Replies to “Official “Settle Down” Single Cover Art”

  1. I don’t want to sound negative but it looks crappy as hell. When you put all NxD singles and cds together, they basically created a new logo and font for every era, this looks just old and poorly made….

  2. Actually the longer I look at it the yellow is really harsh on my eyes, I like the style they are going for though…

  3. To be honest i don´t like it; look cheap and very “like everyone else”, you need to look a little different you should use something more white but colored at the same time not only yellow all the time that picture seem was done in a hurry, i don´t see any dedication or a real artistic work on it, i could do something like that in 30 minuts with photoshop, i dont like it, sorry.

  4. I think this cover is amazing, and seriously… Is it really necessary that a single cover needs hours of preparation? Even for an album cover? Nowadays anyone know how to use photoshop and make a cover for their own! And I think we will relate the cover to the song once we will hear it for the first time!

  5. I don’t know, I think if the yellow was toned down more to a rich gold it wouldn’t be so assulting. It’s weird, I notice that I end up looking more at the yellow spaces than I do the band.

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